Sunday, August 11, 2013

JG - Everything Has A Sell By gig, Sunday 18 August (possibly)

hi there

i am delighted to announce that my good friend Jonathan Granville is doing one of those online gig things very soon. a week today, in fact, as i believe that Sunday 18 August is when all of this is going to happen.

as many of you will know, Jonathan is a formidable musician, delivering to the world an impressive body of work. this body is constantly being added to and indeed sculpted, for by all accounts the gig on Sunday will be one of the acoustic things.

where must one click or what link do you need to follow to get to watch the gig? i have no idea, for as you can see in the below video, a video featuring a rather well trained penguin no less, Jonathan does not share such information with the world at large.

you can, however, follow this link to the as official as you get JG music page over on that facebook thing. he is bound to put a link on there.

UPDATE : LINK TO GIG!!!!!! now he ust has to indicate the time of it all.

UPDATED UPDATE! the gig is at 18:00GMT according to Stevey the penguin.

by the way, do i have the permission of the video creator to upload this video? no, not at all. i took it upon myself to simply rip it off and upload here to help promote one of our greater artists. if he doesn't like it i expect to hear from his lawyers, i guess.

meanwhile, please feel free to please yourself in any way you can imagine with either thoughts of the penguin in the video or, indeed, via any inspiration you draw from the below picture.

Jonathan, you see, is at war with the gentlemen of the road. it is not his doing. Jonathan is usually a happy go lucky, free and easy chap, hardly ever complaining about things turning up in the post. tramps, for that is what they are let us be honest, tend to pick on him, specifically taking him to task on his ironing abilities.

for insights into the tramp war, and most likely one or two less-than-positive comments about a particular Genesis drummer, do follow what links i have for you and keep an eye out for gig details!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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