Sunday, August 25, 2013

a game of threads

hi there

my recent travels were far from a trip of choice or for pleasure, but that did not exclude some mooching around for a few select and key gifts. one thing that i was determined to solicit from a store was some form of celebratory merchandise of the series Game Of Thrones for my (considerably) better half.

i understand that we are somewhat late to this party, having only got towards the end of series 2 whilst the rest of the world awaits series 4, but all the same i was quite surprised to see a lack of any merchandising on the shelves for this show. i was led to believe that it is insanely popular? beyond books and box sets, not an item could be found in my, i confess, limited search.

bravo the internet, then, for coming to the rescue with this magnificent garment!

yes, the gift was the Game Of Thrones t-shirt, ordered off amazon, and not the splendid coffee mug. for those of you familiar with the show, you will have to excuse the fact that i cannot remember and cannot be bothered to look up the proper names. for those unaware, that's the "dragon lady" or "mother of dragons". i think that she thinks that she should rule the world entire or something. all i know is that for a while she was married to this awesome dude whose name escapes me but i called him Mongo, even though he didn't ride a bull, so usually i just call her Mrs Mongo.

for those unfamiliar with the show at all, it's brutal, violent and brilliant. not for everyone, for some of the scenes of violence have seen even i turn away, and i am led to believe this is something that gets all the more stronger in the 3rd series that we shall be watching soon-ish.

needless to say, my (considerably) better half took a shine to Mrs Mongo from the off. for me she's OK, but the best character is the one i call the sex midget. he is class, he is.

want a closer look at the shirt? can do.

no, they did not have any shirts that would fit me featuring the sex midget. i did contemplate one featuring him out of Sheffield that did the one Bond film and was that guy in that other film, but opted against it in the end. i got a rather ace Bowie shirt instead, one that is so ace that no doubt my (considerably) better half will just assume it is hers and wear it.

i did have some reservations about getting my (considerably) better half a shirt that proclaims "i do not have a gentle heart" as in her case that is clearly false. anyone who assumes that someone is like what it says on the t-shirt has an opinion not worth concerning yourself with, though, and those familiar with the series will know exactly what it means.

no doubt images of my (considerably) better half wearing the Bowie shirt will feature here just as soon as she has pinched it! in the mean time, i shall look around for other Game Of Thrones items, such as a DIY horse hacking kit, or perhaps just a few dragon eggs.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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