Thursday, August 01, 2013

plan b

hi there

you will no doubt, dear reader, recall my struggles with a Samsung toploader washing machine. this was a machine that got clogged up and indeed was one that i thought i had unclogged. alas, as it turned out, no i had not - despite testing, it just jammed again and again, no matter how much i cleared it.

the machine now awaits Mr Mender to come along and have a go, see if he can work out where and what is causing it to block and not drain. that's all very well and good, but in the mean time i am a mere quarter of a family of four who require clean clothes, and handwashing in the bath is of no fun or amusement. my fingers are still rather red and shredded from the weekend in that regard.

therefore, with no wish to sit in a laundry place for any given number of hours and thinking of the long term benefits of it, behold plan b.

quite shiny, isn't it? obviously you can tell how it is much better than the other one simply by the presence of the company name of LG rather than Samsung. over the last couple of years i have come to really appreciate both the products and the customer support of LG. i think they have overtaken JVC as my gadget supplier of choice, really.

to that extent, then, it was not quite the case that i walked into a store and said "shopkeeper, bring unto me the most shiny washing machine you have", but it was not far off that. it is certainly the shiniest LG they had. actually, i would have quite liked the sleek black one they do, but that seems available in the UK only.

on the subject of shiny, though, look at these lights and buttons! pay particular attention to the stereo like play/pause one!

that is quite class, is it not? i like the idea of making a washing machine more like a stereo, really. it makes it look quite cool. it sounds, alas, slightly less cool. using all the technology at my disposal, and as a special request from a regular reader of this blog, here's a brief video that gives to you the sound of the machine as you switch it on.

hmn. i have heard better sounds from machines, but also worse. not that he is the friend that requested it, but i am hopeful Jonathan will see and hear this and compose a song on the basis of that little ditty. it could be "ode to LG" or something.

on the note of music and machines, surely we cannot be far off from a world where every appliance has ringtones and "apps"? once Apple clock that other machines make music, and thus they can sell mp3s and whatnot for other hardware, i am sure we will see the iWash washing machine, the iClean dishwasher, the iCook microwave and, no doubt, the iArse bidet. they probably have a whole load of underpaid, overworked Chinese children making those machines right now for the trendy purchaser, remember where you read it first.

this next picture doesn't really show off the majestic ways of all the buttons lit up, but hopefully you get the idea.

is the machine any good at a practical level, you ask? yes, i suppose it is really. it serves its purpose, and indeed goes beyond. the clothes out of this seem a good deal cleaner and brighter than what was coming out of the toploader, which is nice. also it has a capacity of 8kg, where 7kg is usually standard for a frontloader. that's one louder, kids.

there is, oddly, one peculiar fault with the machine. well, not the machine itself, but an important part of it. the hose thingie that you connect the machine to the water with is, to be honest, total crap.

the "neck" between the connector and the actual hose is far too long and loose. this means that there was a fair bit of water seeping out of it, no matter how much i tightened it or how lower i made the water pressure. a fix was pretty easy in regards of me having the old Defy hose that was on our other, other washing machine (the one that Gillian gave us and never replaced when it broke, as a point of fact she never even responded and said how sorry she was that it broke). that's working fine and our bathroom has remained very much flood free for over four days now.

well, almost four days. there was an incident where i had the LG hose on and some Mr Pipe Menders came and replaced a pressure valve somewhere during the week. it was not quite the spectacular success that they may have hoped for, as it caused a huge build up of water pressure, a pressure that sought release and one that the LG hose was in no fit state to resist.

no doubt further adventures from me will follow soon. in the mean time, i hope you have got a certain level of enjoyment from this!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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