Saturday, August 06, 2011


hey everyone

well, Andrew and his fellow members of the more extremist side of the Harlo gang are currently or were recently down in London. Andrew, like your humble narrator, has one of them blueberry phone things that lets you take pictures and send them on. here are two images of London that Andrew selected, or possibly just the two that Andrew could be bothered to send on.

first up is, unless i am very much mistaken, Tower Bridge. i am not as familiar with the ways of London as i perhaps could be, although i am registered with the New Covent Garden Flower Market internet site thing. so if it isn't Tower Bridge i am sorry, but it looks like it.

if you are hoping to see members of the ultra-Harlo gang in these pictures you are in for a disappointment, really. Andrew appears not to have troubled himself with any family images.

as for their residency in London, Andrew advises me that Colin had opted to go the way of a caravan park down there. this would be partially because of Colin's somewhat misguided but rather noble view that Sir Cliff Richard holidays in caravans around London and is hoping to meet him. it would, however, mostly be because Christopher will no doubt have insisted on wearing his Newcastle shirt on the trip, and as you may recall, "funny" things tend to happen to people wearing Newcastle shirts in London hotels.

moving right along to the next, final image (for now at the least), and here is what i think was once the Millennium Dome but is now the 02 Arena or something, and i am pretty sure the pointy thing in the background is the BT tower.

well, that's my best guess on all of the places that Andrew sent pictures of. if you suspect i have got some of them wrong, feel free to go there and see for yourself, really.

many thanks indeed to Andrew for sending them on!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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