Monday, August 22, 2011


hey everyone

regular, if not avid, readers of this blog shall (and it is hoped fondly) recall how my cousin Andrew forwarded on some pictures of London (innit) a little while ago. i believe, to be specific, it was two pictures he sent, although it may well have been 3. sorry, can't be bothered to look up the post right now.

as some sort of repose to this, my youngest cousin (thus far), Christopher or if you will Chris, has taken it upon himself to forward unto me vast swathes of images of London (innit). let me state that the quality is of a constant, just the quantity has been increased lest any family quibbles arise.

but you presumably don't wish to read these theories so much as you do wish to look at these images of London (innit) before they decided to burn the old town down.

first off, and with the riots and building burnings apparently over, let us focus on the next big thing to hit London (innit), which shall be the march of the Olympians on the place. here is the massive countdown thing they have on the go for it.

nice one Chris, always great to look at a massive, giant (and i am checking my typing here) clock.

next up is a walk across London (innit) Bridge, or rather Tower Bridge i think. i don't know, the big fancy tourist attraction one. the name of it is not quite as important as the small matter of Christopher doing that which Andrew did not, which would be including members of his family in the pic!

nice to see you all to see you nice! the images of the Harlo gang do not grind to a halt there, by the way. on a tour of Wembley, Andrew decided to pose next to the shirt of he who is currently the best England player on the go at present!

for those of you rather excited about seeing pre-riot members of the Harlo Gang hold on for a bit, one more likeness shall be heading to your gaze soon enough. in the mean time, though, here's a picture Chris took from the London (innit) Eye, showing off a number of the prestigious buildings that strike their impressive shadow across the London (innit) skyline.

quite frankly i am getting tired of having to write London (innit) on this post due to my insistence that to be correct "innit" must feature behind every reference to London (innit). apologies if i just mention "the city" from now on.

for the life of me, it has to be said, i cannot imagine what interest it is that Christopher might think i have in this next picture, but i am including it here for "the kids" and for those, indeed, who are considerably more "hip" and "with it" than i. behold, trendy types, for here is a glimpse in side the place that i think he said is called Nike World. could be Nike Land or something, mind.

whatever it is actually called, you have to imagine that it looks somewhat different now, for a key point of these riots and that they had in (sigh) London (innit) appears to have been allowing an awful lot of vermin to steal many trendy items like those on offer in this place. rather sad.

on a happier note, and one that i can even relate to, here's Uncle Colin wondering how to get one of the most excellent modes of transport ever to work.

i think you have to be an actual Time Lord to make the TARDIS work, but fair play to Colin for having a go. you never know, it might have turned out that he was indeed a Time Lord. don't know till you have a go, do you?

and why is it that i would refer to the TARDIS merely as one of the most excellent modes of transport rather than the most excellent? well that would be because whilst visiting the BBC at London (innit) they got to see the most excellent car ever to appear in a BBC TV series. behold, mortals, the Quattro!

had i been (unfortunate) to be in (aha!) The Capital City of England during the theft riots, i would like to think i would have not bothered with all the TVs and that which they pinched, instead heading off to "The Bush" (as i think that's where the BBC are located) and tried getting my hands on this! erm, not that i would ever engage in such activity, of course. and nor should you.

moving right along, and here's a classic picture that Chris got of that bridge for your viewing pleasure!

good catch on the rainbow front there, Chris!

and finally, let it not be said that i do not think of the column fanatics who pay an infrequent visit to this site :

many thanks for the images, Chris! any chance of you going back down and taking "after" images to see how it looks now? thought not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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