Thursday, August 04, 2011

birthday celebrations

hey everyone

no, not my birthday celebrations! over the years i have been exceptionally fortunate to find good, wonderful friendships all around the world. whereas friendship is not a contest or something that one should try and rank or add value to, it has to be said that ne of the dearest friends i've ever had on this side of the equator is Ronel, who celebrated a birthday today that is (ahem) rather close to her 21st.

if you are wondering what that fine looking food is with us, it is Nando's, an integral part of our annual date to mark this happy event. and it's not just any old Nando's, oh no - it is Nando's hot peri-peri Nando's.

a rather ill-choice of words several years ago led to us marking her birthday with me devouring one of the hottest items on their splendid menu, decreasingly as an act of penance and increasingly as a fun and enjoyable way to spend a special lunch time.

and when i say it is hot, i really do mean hot. us English chaps are not supposed to tackle such spices!

i am not sure if the above picture captures just how hot, sweaty and spicy i get on this day every year, you will just have to trust that i was!

time for the proverbial toilet paper in the fridge, i believe!

hope you've all also had a most excellent lunch today!

and once again, my very best wishes to my chum on her birthday - i look forward to many, many, many more celebrations.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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