Tuesday, August 02, 2011

busy at South Fork

hey everyone

well, the weekend saw me once again take the boys over to South Fork to see Grandma and Grandad for a bit. as ever, the boys found a great many things to do, and the perpetual source of entertainment that is Grandad remained very much just that!

as you will no doubt fondly recall, Grandad loves nothing more than having his grandchildren visit him, in particular on the instances where he has some project on the go to which he can put them to work. oddly, Grandad doesn't seem to be building anything presently, but this did not stop William going on a rampage around the whole house and garden with the wheelbarrow!

Grandad did for a while try and put some tennis balls into the barrow, but William was having none of it and threw them all out with quite a huff!

with no obvious work to be encouraged to do, James took advantage of just being able to relax around the grounds of South Fork, to the extent that he got a toy bike out and went cruising around the house. again and again.

that picture probably shows of his recent, very smart haircut better than the ones i posted a few days ago!

James also sat down on the couch with Grandad and proceeded to watch horse racing with him. this was odd as thus far James hasn't really taken to watching sport, as much as he loves playing them. what was odder was the next day when he woke up, really. instead of the usual requests for Phineas & Ferb or Ben 10 on Sunday morning he just put the TV on to the horse racing, sat down and started to watch!

on the subject of playing sports, in an interesting move Grandma decided to give the boys some golf clubs. it is interesting because, the last time i looked, their house indeed has windows and other breakable items and the boys are not known for being subtle when they have sticks in their hands.

somehow, for the most part at least, they managed to use the golf clubs for the purpose intended and didn't manage to break anything with them. although a few things that were not golf balls did get a rather good whack!

and that's about it from another wonderful afternoon with Grandma and Grandad! no doubt many, many more to come in the not too distant future!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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