Sunday, August 07, 2011

to Twickers with Andrew

hey everyone

well, a sensational 3rd picture from Andrew of the extremist Harlo gang for you!

yesterday Andrew, being somewhat more hip and with it than the rest of the Harlo gang, contacted me on my blueberry thing off of his, right, asking if he thought it was worth his good self and Colin heading to Twickenham to get tickets for the England vs Wales game yesterday afternoon.

my advice was perhaps not to, as the match was sold out and the touts, bless 'em, would charge over £100 per ticket going on my experience, probably more. Andrew was a little downhearted about this, but said that the two of them were already on the train so they would see what they could do.

how good that they did, and how delighted i am to have been somewhat wrong! the touts did indeed try to charge them a fortune, but they went to the ticket office and asked if there were any seats at all for sale. the answer was "yes", but on the condition that the views were restricted because of the TV cameras near them. not a problem they said and thus bought two tickets - at, get this, £15 (fifteen) each! blimey, that's a good deal for any seat at Twickenham!

and just how restricted was the restricted view? Andrew took this pic with his blueberry and mailed it on!

blimey, what a fantastic deal the two of them got! nice one!

they had the advantage of seeing England win, too! on my only trips to Twickenham all i got to see was England smacked by Wales and then France. we seem to have a better, more likely to win the World Cup side now, though!

eventually Andrew might send on some pics of the actual Harlo gang as they potter around London, but these pics have been pretty cool thus far!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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