Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gran's birthday

hello again

oh. OK, another quick update before i head back up to bed!

it was Grandma Harland's birthday yesterday and Uncle Trevor was kind enough to send on a couple of pictures! i do not believe he has one of them blueberry phone things so i assume he took it with a regular camera. not that it matters.

here's Gran looking happy and healthy, showing off the flowers that arrived on time!

wow, that's a great collection of pictures of her Great Grandchildren and just about all of her Grandchildren on the wall!! i think Trevor has been the one to print and put them up, good work!

no pictures of Trevor himself, sorry - as a celebrity you have to pay him an absolutely massive fee to use his image, even if you are on the list as one of his favourite nephews. he did, however, send on a picture of his brother and my other, other Uncle, Colin, with the birthday girl.

i am led to believe that this picture was taken at The Buck in Great Ayton, the place which remains the finest, greatest drinking establishment known to man. we wish we could all have been there to toast your good health and have a lovely dinner with you!

many thanks for the pics, Trev!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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