Monday, August 29, 2011

silence around the lambs

hey everyone

well, as it happens i have a stack of new pictures from beautiful New Zealand to put up here. i just have not as yet gotten around to it, sorry! let me make amends, then, with a few of the pictures involving the major event about to hit New Zealand.

nope, not the World Cup thing which England shall win with ease, i am talking about what i think is called "lambing". Gillian gets quite cross when i use the wrong terms for places and things over there, so i trust that the think part satisfies if i am wrong!

it must be quite exciting for certain people in New Zealand at the moment, then, and you must please take note of the fact that i didn't specifically state or even suggest my brother-in-law Grant in this regard. it does seem, though, that one has to be a good deal more careful at this time of the year than one usually would when they do whatever it is they do with sheep.

it looks like a most excellent time to be other there and check out nature take its course, then!

nice one, residents and visitors of New Zealand, for sending those over! i shall post some of the other pictures you sent over in the not too distant future!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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