Thursday, August 25, 2011

more images off of Andrew's blueberry thing

hey there

well, as Andrew has taken the time to forward them on, and indeed expressed exceptional decency in doing so, i figured that there was no known barrier to putting here a few more images that he took on his blueberry device and forwarded on to mine. they are quite clever these blueberry things, i believe you can even make and receive phone calls on them if you are of a mind to do so.

anyway, here is the gent that Andrew would call Dad and i do call Uncle Colin. this is a picture of him very much "in action", so to speak.

in the above Colin appears to be driving that which would be the Harlo Gang's equivalent of the much beloved Family Truckster out of National Lampoon's Vacation. except that it is not really a Family Truckster as much as it is a car with a caravan on it.

to my knowledge the above picture was taken as the Harlo Gang were on their way from London (innit) to Birmingham. if i recall the particulars of the calendar correctly they moved from London (innit) to Birmingham on the precise day that the recent riots moved from one to the other too; read into that what you will.

when they approached and indeed arrived in Birmingham they took an interesting decision, which was to go and visit a factory where they make confectionaries - you know, chocolate and that.

an unusual place to go and visit, you may think. that may very well be, but it is not quite as unusual as the picture they take, create and give to you as some sort of memento.

actually, in retrospect, "chocolate surfing" does look rather class!

finally, at least for now, here are my Uncle Colin and Aunty Angela showing off what misguided nutters they can be from time to time.

yep, that's right. not only are they on holiday but they also have some chocolate directly from the factory. and they are off jogging. the fools!

many thanks for the pictures Andrew! looking forward to the next batch!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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