Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend images off the blueberry

hey everyone

....and no, it seems i have yet to become bored or tired of taking pictures on this blueberry device thing and sending them off! only the three for your perusal, though!

at the weekend we went off to South Fork for a visit, much to the delight of Grandma. William too was very delighted, as not only did he get to see and play with Marmite, but he also got to give the drums a good bashing!

James briefly considered joining in on the guitar, but alas he had some top level cartoon watching to do. as for William's drum skills, well, he is better at playing them than i am!

back home and as we've had some lovely weather this weekend James wished very much to go out and play on the ace jungle gym in the garden. here he is having a go down the slide.

the more astute of eye of you shall, no doubt, have noticed an extra hand in the above picture. if not, well, scroll up and have another look i guess! for those who spotted it, well, i am pretty sure you can guess who it belongs to - yep, he who simply must go ahead and do everything that big brother is doing!

a busy and mostly excellent weekend on this side of the world, despite not too many blueberry pictures from it! in retrospect i suppose i should have taken one or two of William busy in the shops with me, clutching his Mickey Mouse socks and new toy horse. oh well, perhaps next time!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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