Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sun City off my blueberry

hey everyone

well, i am back after the promised pause! we have been away on a mostly fantastic, always good holiday at Sun City for the last week or so. i have a stack of pictures, but i am also on my last day of leave and, as we have a very cold day (there was snow yesterday!) i am off back to bed soon. first, though, just to show i have not forgotten about my blog, here's a few pictures off my blueberry phone thing.

first off, here is James giving the thumbs up for the bus that Dad & Richard kindly lent us to head up to Sun City with!

it is indeed a very smart vehicle, and it allowed us to take up all the stuff that James and William wished to take with!

i believe that last week a number of people used their blueberry phones to co-ordinate riots and things like that. i instead decided to use mine to send a picture to my sister of the new-look soap and shampoo at Sun City. should you be interested, here is how they now look!

yes, Gillian, i shall make every effort to post a set on soon!

we usually head up to Sun City at this time of year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. i am not sure we can do that next year, it depends on James' school term times really. oh well, we shall get up there at some stage no doubt!

going back to the reason for heading up, the boys seemed rather keen to celebrate our anniversary too, as they were up at 4am that day! here is a picture of my beautiful wife and i a little time after that, when there was a hint of sun in the sky!

a very big thing that James and now William liked about Sun City was the fact that buses run around the whole complex, meaning you don't have to drive around. William's exact words on the subject are "bus, nice". here are the two of them walking down to the bus stop.

and usually we were walking to catch a bus to play all the games they had on offer there. Star Wars and Jurassic Park are the big favourites of James (and Daddy), but William found that he quite liked the car ride thingies.

he just sat in them belting the steering wheel around, going "gen, gen", which is his variant of "again". i ended up putting quite a few coins into those things!

this update feels a bit sporadic and random to be honest, sorry if that is how it alos read to you, dear reader! more pictures and stories later on!!

in the mean time, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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