Sunday, May 11, 2008

your humble narrator

as a big criticism of sites like this one, in particular from the great magazine Private Eye, is that they tend to descend into being "me me me", i would usually be reluctant to put a post like this up.

however, for some inexplicable reason, Michele was rather enamoured with the idea of taking some pictures of me during the course of the day today. needless to say, i took it as a given that i should try and "jazz it up" for the camera, so here's the best of the pics!!

the mind boggles as to what it is i am trying to portray in these pictures of me in deep thought about something or other. oh well, hopefully they will give one and all a laugh or smile at my expense, much like the infamous "mohican" haircut pictures lurking on this site somewhere!

my "bingo" or "eurkea" pose needs some work, does it not??

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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