Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ducky the, erm, Chicken

hey everyone

well, with today being Mother's Day, James picked out some very nice presents for Mummy, as well as a card with flowers on it, as "Mummy likes nice flowers".

what James didn't know was that i had an extra special present for Mummy lined up, and so whisked James and Mummy off this morning in secrecy to see what it was.

what was it? well, the finished article is in the box i am holding here....

that doesn't help much, does it? i took James and Michele off to a magnificent place called Build A Bear, where one selects a teddy bear or other animal and makes and dresses it! i thought (hoped!) that James would enjoy doing it, and, well, that turned out to be the case!!

of all the different teddy bears and other animals one could select, what did James choose? this should not be too tricky to work out from the title of this post, but here you go....

hello Ducky the Chicken!! well, James thought that it was a duck, and has only recently admitted that it is in fact a chicken!! his name is still Ducky, so i guess James has decided that he/she/it can have the best of both worlds, really!!

how one makes their choices and then creates the teddy at Build A Bear is magnificent and wonderful. now, i could tell you all about it, but why would i wish to go and spoil the fun and surprise for any of you reading this and wanting to go and try it for yourself?

what i can declare with certainty, though, is that this concept is a winner! see for yourselves!!!!

James and Mummy both love Ducky to bits!!!

be quacking/clucking excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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