Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday, Mother's Day

hey everyone

quite some time ago, a time which if it were not for my memory would feel as if it were another life, an "experimental" type at college read my palm for me. amongst other things, she told me that i would have two great loves in my life. if we take it as a given that neither of the two would be Elvis, KFC, Marlboro, Derek "David" Bowie or any other curiosity that has wandered through my life, and we further assume that the experimental palm reader all those years ago had some semblance of ability and truth, then here they are....

i would like to think that there is space for more than two in my life, honestly. i know for a fact that James has just about enough love for everyone and everything in his world, except of course eating dinner when he is supposed to. today, being Mother's Day, meant that James got gifts for Mummy that showed her how much she loved him (more on that later), and of course it meant that he went to see Grandma, not only to wish her a happy Mother's Day, but also to give her lots of luvvies.....

Father's Day is still a little while off yet, but i could not but help get in on the pictures!!

and where was Grandad???? well, he had some top level gardening project on the go. he did have James helping him out, but only until such a time as James decided it was time to pose for pictures and have a whirl at this luvvies business!

i trust that wherever you are in the world, for i know that not each and every land commemorates Mother's Day today, you all had a most excellent Sunday!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!
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