Friday, May 09, 2008

contraband - pictures from New Zealand

well, go figure. after my report on how photography is for some reason banned in New Zealand, Gillian has managed to smuggle some out! well, it is either that or i was wrong about the ban and i have just prodded her into action, but this is unlikely as i am seldom (if ever) wrong, in my opinion.

here's Daniel and Katie looking rather happy with all in the universe! this, of course, is something wonderful to see!

dear me, Daniel is just under a month away from being one year old!! with some luck we shall get to meet him before he gets too much older (as if he or anyone else could get all that much younger, i suppose); you never know, there is an absolutely massive lotto draw here this week. erm, "seldom wrong" would translate as "always" in picking numbers for it on my side, i guess!!!

ahem, back on topic, here's the intrepid Daniel catching a ride with Katie as she drives some sort of car thing, presumably, looking at the background, to another part of the house??

Daniel looks a bit confused or concerned by Katie driving, but he really should not, so long as Katie takes after her mother when it comes to driving. Gillian's rather good at controlling these combustion engine driven perambulators (cars), and to illustrate such she did pass her driving test at the first time of asking. Richard failed it the 1st time. i failed it the 1st time. and 2nd. and 3rd. and, well, no, i am not writing any more about that.

anyway, thank you very much indeed, Gillian, for sending some pictures over! it is rather brave of you to do so, under the circumstances i suggested! now then, would it be pushing my luck to ask for a few new ones of Grant amongst the sheep, or do you prefer not to take pictures whilst he is out "doing his thing", as it were?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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