Saturday, May 17, 2008

James Finds Nemo!!!

hey everyone

well, to quote a somewhat famous writer, it was the best of times; it was the worst of times. a rather up and down week, quite frankly. on the down side, well, verk, to quote a still living writer of note, is a four letter word at the moment, and is absolutely vile to quote him further. on top of that, Michele has not been at all well either.

but hey, there's always something there that's better, and indeed there is. my thanks again to Steve and all at Chilli Vinyl for some more ace finds, notably The Queen Is Dead and Misplaced Childhood.

and James, of course, is always a joy in our world. he's had a particularly happy week of sorts, as he has had a good week at school, helped Mummy and Daddy cook, and of course got the new toy and present along the way. best of those is a rather ace Batman telephone book, but i will try and put more of that up later.

first prize to Grandma and Grandad, mind, for a rather astute and indeed wise purchase this last week. at long last, after something of over a year of hunting, James has been able to find the erstwhile Nemo!!

i think the look on his face says it all, really! we have toyed with the idea of getting him a fish tank, and indeed have seen this one around before, but we have two things at home that preclude this being possible - two cats, to be exact.

oh well, Grandmas and Grandads are for things like this, and James it would appear had a rather good afternoon pointing out all the fish!

this does look like a rather splendid device, especially as it has Nemo (or possibly Marlin, although Grandma calls him Marlon) in it, and the video they sent suggests that they are animated too!

we will no doubt be getting James, or rather be letting James, keep a fish tank or some sort of pet/s of his own choice one day. however, we think that it might be prudent, if not outright wise, to await the day that he can help look after the pet/s too. he is getting there, when it comes to the time to feed the cats, he points at the bowls and their food with an expert level of precision. as and when he can put the two together, we shall be in business.

oh well, not much to add on this post!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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