Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Scared And Profane

Brideshead Revisited is a novel of worthy respected stature, and all readers of it should give full praise to Evelyn Waugh for gracing the lives of followers of the published word with such a magnificently cultivated use of the English world. Brideshead Revisited was also a breathtaking 11 hour TV series, blessed with a stunning debut (i think) from Jeremy Irons, along with a whole host of established and up-and-coming actors and actresses giving it their all.

i am not at all sure that a trilogy is going to be created here, as the curious decision to make a film of Brideshead Revisited looks doomed from the start. whilst is has a creditable cast, led by Emma Thompson and Michael Gambon, there has to be a serious question mark over the (admittedly provisional) running time of 100 minutes of the film. whereas some novels larger than Brideshead have been condensed into this sort of running time, i really cannot see them doing it here; not without dispensing with a large and important part of the novel. to give you some perspective on the 1 hour 40 minute running time it seems to have, the 11 hour TV version almost got the whole of the novel.

i really would love not to be negative about it before i see it, but i really do not see this magnificent story being turned into an abridged cinematic venture with any notable level of success. it's out in September, and yes i will go and see it. but it will be with a fear of me walking out of a film of my own accord for the first time. in this world, some things are indeed sacred - Brideshead Revisited should not be tampered with just to slot into cinema running time.

in the mean time, it goes without saying that i encourage you to seek out the novel, or find the magnificent TV adaptation.

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