Monday, May 19, 2008


the odd things you find on backup discs!!

here are some pictures of us at Greensleeves, the medieval banquet place, celebrating Grant's birthday. what year? i will have to rely on Gillian to tell me, but probably 2001 or 2002, i think. looking at the beard, it could even be as late as 2003? anyway, it was for Grant's birthday, so one May shall suffice.

i recall it being a most excellent night, which much banter, ale and singing of songs. well, the songs were on the bus on the way home. before that, there was the small matter of me being ordained as The Bishop.

i believe i was drawn to the outfit of The Bishop due to the sketch called, erm, The Bishop on one episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. why that one has always appealed to me i know not, as it is not really all that funny, but it stuck in my head somewhat!

if i recall correctly, my Bishop duties for the evening had little to do with administering any sermons or guidance and everything to do with being in charge of the salt and dispensing bathroom permission to all who requested it. for a fee, of course.

alas, no pictures of Grant it would seem (he was either behind the camera or, most likely, off seeking out medieval sheep), but here's one of the brothers and sister, namely your humble narrator, Gillian and Richard.

i have no idea who Gillian or Richard were supposed to be as such, if pushed i would however guess that Gillian was some sort of princess whereas Richard was either meant to be The Black Knight (with arms and legs) out of Monty Python And The Holy Grail, or he was trying to be the dude out of The Sword And The Sorcerer.

and what's a Bishop without a fine maiden or damsel at his arm? nothing at all, so it was just as well that i had a fair and fine, if somewhat fiery, maiden by my side.

why on earth this fair, fine and fiery maiden settled for your humble bishop of a narrator (or narrator of a bishop) is beyond me, but all in all i am rather glad that she did.

now that i think about it, on the bus back i am sure Richard, Gillian and i belted out some classics from our youth, which would probably mean some Mental as Anything tunes. and i believe there was one song of a love that dare not speak its name, although it did feature a duck (for rhyming purposes) and Grant.

fare thee well, or thy shall taste my blade...............
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