Thursday, March 09, 2017

koala channeling


indeed yes, as the title more or less gives away, this would be yet another post about personal hygiene products which have some form of connection to Australia. in this instance, look you see, it is at the least a very real sense in which all is connected, for there are few things quite so Australian as eucalyptus. cricket excellence, perhaps, but not much else.

a little while ago - i suspect in a post called 'Full Tilt Australian' or similar - i mentioned that i had found a form of body wash, or if you like shower gel, what had eucalyptus in it. as things turned out, indeed transpired, both i and my (considerably) better half quite liked it. more so than the decidedly non-Australian Australian shampoo i purchased at the same time, with that one getting a post of anger all by itself, so stringy it left my hair.

but of course the moment we found one which provided mutual pleasure it would transpire to be that we could no longer find it. no, the makers were off being all too busy mixing lime with coconut and banana with bamboo milk to be bothering with eucalyptus infusion.

after some searching, though, i managed to find not one, not three, but two different brands of body wash, or should you prefer shower gel, which has eucalyptus at the core of its being.

yes, indeed, as you can see in Commodore 64 mode (with scan lines on) above, these are eucalyptus products from two of the giants of the soap related industry, Radox and Imperial Leather. note please that i said Radox and not Rodox, with the latter being a most splendid company what makes some very interesting products but not ones which i would show off here.

for the most part it has been quite rare for me to stray away from someone called Original Source, or something like that. this has been for a number of reasons, and just about all of them to do with them being the cheapest. from time to time Imperial Leather have, however, been even cheaper when on special, and so i am well versed in their quality. as Original Source, or whatever they are called, have elected to abandon eucalyptus as a primary or even secondary aspect of their products i have been left with little choice but to abandon them.

as something of an aside, although not really, in terms of value the Imperial Leather one here will take some mighty fine beating. it's a "get 100% extra free" bottle, which means it contains 500ml rather than the regulation 250ml. basically, half a litre of eucalyptus infused body wash for £1 off of Poundland. you simply cannot go wrong and i would be impressed if you could do better, and no shoplifting or other forms of theft do not count in respect of that challenge.

which of these two would i be most excited about? i find it quite hard to accept, indeed it beggars belief, that you, the reader of this, would be particularly interested, but i suppose the Radox one. the fact that in that one the eucalyptus has been infused, or if you like blended, with citrus oil is, to me, exciting. aside from the obvious and overt Jason Donovan connection to lemon shampoo it just strikes me as being the most Australian of the two.

that said, let us not assume that the Imperial Leather shall be a default second. i am somewhat wary about the fact that they place peppermint as the primary ingredient, but who knows this might well work out rather nicely.

anyway, should for some reason this have been of interest or use to someone, well that's just grand, that is, to be sure.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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