Wednesday, March 01, 2017

the second horse is red

hello there

i do get it, dear reader. i am quite aware of the likelihood that i am, look you see, stating the obvious. at the least it's my most earnest hope that it would be the obvious.

the wars that rage today against terms that the two penultimate letters of are "is", be it "ist" or "ism", are the same that have always raged. the battlefront is just different in that now it is digital. this has made it all the more easier for many to get involved with it, in particular in a trivial, passive and passing way - especially as engaging in such seldom, if ever, has repercussions for the instigators.

and yet, despite the ease with which one can, in their own minds if nowhere else, engage in any battle against anything online within the digital arena, it's still just the very easy - some might well say lazy - fights that are fought. whether they need combat or not. for the most part the keyboard / touchscreen warriors of the SJW brigade ignore any contest where they might make a difference and instead target, quite selectively, popular, irrelevant and often non-existent crusades.

the above, blessed as it is with the clarity of Commodore 64 mode off of my relatively in the grand scheme of things new device, will all make sense soon. there is something of a point to it, and this text, to be sure.

modern examples of my opening point are never far from the news. as recently as last year, for instance, we had the rise of "passive racism". this, according to SJW types, exists whenever people of different races are pictured together and the non-white or if you like non-caucasian are not depicted as explicitly being superior in the interests of "equality" and "redressing balance" or some other such stuff. people, it would seem in this rather choice example, simply cannot be just people any more.

for the last few months it has, but of course, been all attacks on that Donald Trump bloke, who was elected - via their form of democracy - President of the United States. a good many people do not like this and, as is their right, have protested against it. for some reason, however, these protests are rather keenly held here in the UK. you really have to ask why that is so. ultimately, whatever America does is what America does. whilst this can and often does have repercussions for the rest of the world, not at this stage it does not.

besides, the attacks on the US President elected all seem to be because of his personality rather than his actions. as is the case with, should the link still be live when you read this, this instance of self-promotion in the form of  a Trump protest from Oxfordshire.this Trump fellow does not at all strike me as a pleasant or amicable sort of chap, make no mistake. but, then again, certain legal and moral questions hover over his defeated opponent, Mrs Clinton.

what's that? the new Dumb Britain section off of the latest edition of Private Eye, which for some reason Blogger has decided to turn upside down. ostensibly this highlights really bad answers to questions on quiz shows. i think the second one is a little harsh to condemn as "dumb". sure, Barbs did not write I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou did. but Barbs would  have written it if she had time, and in fairness in 1969 Barbs was both the leading poet and human rights activist in the world. as she is now, in many respects. so whilst the answer is incorrect, it's a reasonable guess.

anyway, protesting against Trump is lovely and something people are free to do. it's rather easy, lazy and consequence free to do so, is it not? i mean, there are several world leaders at the moment far more evil and sinister than Trump. that does not excuse any questionable personality or outlook traits of Mr Trump as such, but why focus on him and not, say, the decidedly questionable rulers of North Korea, South Africa, Syria, etc?

the answer to the above is probably mostly because SJW do not care for the culture or influence of those nations. it would be too much effort to protest about places they don't know of, and besides some of those regimes look scary so who knows what the consequences of protesting them might be.

picking battles for passive protests is a lovely luxury of the first world. we can attack, criticise and abuse Christianity as it no longer fights back, but none dare mock, challenge or question the faith of Jews and Muslims - in the case of the latter, we even go so far to say that actions taken very specifically in the name of Islam are "not representative" of anything Islamic. we fight against racism in adverts and film award ceremonies, and every once in a while in a country like South Africa. with respect to the latter, we don't do the same in regards of, for example, how Australia treated and treats aborigines, for we really, really like Australians and so are happy to turn a blind eye.

what's with the somewhat peculiar, possibly cosmopolitan choice of recorded music pictured above? Spiros. he sent that picture along.

Spiros was quite recently, to be sure, rather more close to Kashmir than he ever thought that he would be, in particular as he's not all that fussed about Led Zeppelin and so held no wish to ever try and go to the area of the world from where one of their songs took its name. anyway, whilst he was in the hotel, a concierge type employee asked if he could get anything for Spiros for entertainment purposes, or to make his stay all the more enjoyable. Spiros instructed this chap - who you really hope wore one of them Fez like hats with a chin strap - to fetch him some alcohol, a taxi driver with which he may duel and take on with some fisticuffs, and then a map indicating areas in which men met men to form short term relationships. the concierge instead suggested that perhaps Spiros would really rather listen to this music instead.

oh yeah, the point of this rather wordy and somewhat critical of how we all do things post? the fights we fight and the ones we don't. it is with interest that i note in the world we have one very clear cut case of actual passive racism, and yet no one has rallied to fight against it.

indeed the above are the sensational new warning images on packets of cigarettes we are so lucky to have here in the UK. i would dare to presume that you can work out the point i am going to make based on the tone of this erratic, slightly out of character rant of a post, but if not - yes, all the people who harm befalls from cigarettes on these warnings happen to be white, or if you like caucasian, or should you prefer honky (oh, how dare he use the "h" word, etc). and yet, so far as i know, there's been no SJW crusade, no complaints and no comments made.

on the one side you could say "well, why should there be". it is true, after all, that some 97% of the UK population is white or a variant thereof, so it would make sense to do this. which is rather strange, when you consider that adverts, television shows and trivial things such as self-congratulatory music industry awards are all under immense pressure to be "inclusive" and ensure they reflect the "culturally diverse" backgrounds of the population.

this, then, is actual, true and real "passive racism". what statement are they making with the selection of models and actors (assuming it wasn't really the case that they took a picture of an actual baby smoking) used? that they think only white people smoke? that it's only white people that suffer the harmful effects of it? that the wish is only to alert us paler faced types to the dangers and encourage us to quit?

it would seem to be a most peculiar, racially biased action in this modern world that few have spoken of, if any. to my knowledge the incumbent leaders of the SJW fraternity  - Lily Allen and Russel Brand - have not uttered a word. fellow celebrity gobsh!tes have also, so far as i know, not taken to Twitter to voice their concern, disapproval and condemnation of this. how strange.

one of the ways you can test if something is actually imbued with racism - passive or otherwise - is simply to switch the races of those involved and see if it would cause upset. i would boldly suggest that if these warning images featured exclusively African, Asian or Chinese models, we would have seen a fair bit about it on the news by now.

but still, my view is why can't we all just get along................

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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