Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the rumination of st patrick


to those of you who say that this is a little late for St Patrick's Day, i would encourage you to do some blue sky thinking outside of the box. this, look you see, could easily be some advance post for the next day this marked event comes around on the calendar. or, alternatively, maybe i am celebrating the orthodox St Patrick's Day rather than the commercialised one.

also, it is even within reason to suggest that it was only some time after the one, true St Patrick's Day that i was enabled to get an image of the remnants of celebrations of this day recently.

yes, there you go - what the marketing people of the world have convinced many is a traditional Irish hat laid abandoned in a hedge after some celebrations. a brief inspection of the cans laid around the hat suggest, if not indicate, that non-Irish styled alcohol was consumed as part of the celebrations. but, time and again we are told that the Irish are not prejudicial, so surely there can be nothing at all wrong with this.

as to why St Patrick's Day is celebrated and the days of others are not, that would be our friends the Americans. many of them can lay claim to Irish ancestry, and as they are permitted only to celebrate secular days of significance in any sort of public way, they jumped all over this, along with July 4, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

should you have been one of t many around the world who celebrated St Patrick's Day i trust that it was most splendid, that you tidied up a bit better than the above, and that you are now somewhat recovered from the ale.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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