Saturday, March 04, 2017

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no, actually, i suspect this is not all that interesting to many of you. to some, however, it will be. this latter comment i make boldly in the light of a recent resurgence in popularity for a post i did on the subject of the 'Sky Blue' branded cigarettes, or if you like fags, look you see, off of Benson & Hedges.

in a reasonably recent post, and one that i cannot be bothered to search for and link to here, i observed a most strange peculiarity which happened with the legal changes to how cigarettes are sold here in England, or if you like in the UK. the oddity was that the per cigarette price of B&H Sky Blue had someone got marginally cheaper as a result, rather than more expensive as feared.

my most recent trip to stock up on cigarettes (man, how i miss Makro at Woodmead or Crown Mines for doing that) revealed that, for some reason, they have now got even more cheaper. as you can sort of see in the below, should you have been following this on my blog.

also please note the warning label, which yes i have discussed recently. the whole change and alterations to how cigarettes may be sold was done to accommodate warnings like this, so do please pay attention to the message it gives.

yes, a packet of 20 Benson & Hedges Sky Blue now costs £6.50. if you bear in mind that the packets of them, presumably to circumvent taxation or simply to make profits, had but 17 in them, the cost per cigarette has dropped some.

in the course of the last year, then, the following changes have kicked in -

17 B&H Sky Blue at £5.99 per packet - 35.2p per cigarette
20 B& H Sky Blue at £6.90 per packet - 34.5p per cigarette
20 B &H Sky Blue at £6.50 per packet - 32.5p per cigarette

wowee, that's some change, man, and seems somewhat out of kilter with the efforts to make people quit for economic reasons. perhaps too many have indeed quit for economic reasons, and the Government, noticing the substantial loss of tax revenue, has elected to make it all cheaper again.

it would be amazing if such a price blessing could affect the one thing in the world i miss the most, Marlboro Red, but so far one must still pay a premium price for the prestige brand. no matter, Benson & Hedges will do. as i've pointed out, B&H were once a luxury brand, and smoking them was reserved purely for the higher ranking members of society, such as the clergy, low level politicians and the landed gentry. Royalty was always known to be fond of JPS, or if you like John Player Special.

also, as i have said before, had George Osborne campaigned along the lines of "vote to stay in the EU and we will make cigarette tax fair and in line with the far cheaper prices paid for them in the rest of Europe", he'd still be in a job, as i would have been a one man army campaigning to stay in; even going as far as being pleasant and civil any time i had to reference a Frenchie. but, he didn't, so f*** his negative threatening campaign, he got what he deserved.

it would be a most splendid of things if this post was of use to any of you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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