Sunday, March 26, 2017

just a lovely coffee

hello there

like everyone else i am always ready, keen and indeed eager to mouth off, look you see, when something displeases me. it's important, then, to be sure, to balance that out a bit by giving some positive comments out when along comes a thing that pleases. and a new brand, range or if you like blend of coffee has pleased me, and indeed my (considerably) better half, a great deal.

L'or, it would seem to be called. yes, i suppose that is a bit French, but please don't let that put you off. it is a lovely cup of coffee one gets off of this stuff.

provenance? i bought it at Tesco, where it currently retails for £2.50 a bag. that price seems not fixed, and later on we will see how this could be problematic, but as later on suggests we shall get to that.

indeed my reason or if you like rationale for purchase was that it had a relatively low price. that said, i was reluctant at first, for it had a "5" on it as a strength indicator, or if you prefer indicator of strength. usually 5 + 6 are crazy psycho insane strength black tar coffee, so i would tend to hover more around the 2 - 4 bracket.

the above image is indeed some splendid coffee on the go, presented as i and it must be certain all of you prefer in the format of Commodore 64 mode. interestingly the above image is one i took for a record cover, but it got sent back to me, saying it was the wrong size. hey ho, i tried.

back to this L'or business, then. as far as i can ascertain it is made by them Douwe Egberts people, the one with the name i cannot work out how you pronounce so i simply call it Doogie Howser coffee. i suspect Doogie Howser was some sort of television show, perhaps involving a medical thing, but anyway they probably drank coffee in it.

a point of interest about the manufacturer, however you say their name, is that their instant coffee is usually somewhere between tolerable and awful. it is most splendid, then, and to an extent impressive, that they have mastered some filter coffee taste of note.

will i be drinking L'or filter coffee on a progressive, regular basis going forward? ha ha, no. other than the fact that it seems only to be stocked by Tesco, a store i seldom frequent, what little information about the coffee i have found suggests that the £2.50 price will not be with us for long, and the standard price will be £4.99 per bag.

to put that pricing in context, the "posh brand" Taylor's of Harrogate usually sells for £3 a go, whereas the Tesco and Morrisons own brand (which is fairly decent) goes for little north of £2. L'or is splendid, but it will be splendid only as and when it is on special. thus, there is no way that i am paying close to Fortnum & Mason prices for it, for it is not quite so splendid a thing as what Fortnum & Mason would sell.

right, then, let me go and enjoy a cup of it whilst i have it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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