Thursday, March 16, 2017

my name is mercy

hello people

there remains a place in this world, to be sure, for those who simply create something for the sake of it. if it happens to generate some coins of money then that's nice, look you see, but at heart it remains in being because someone wanted it there and had the talent to do so. and it is, make no mistake, always wonderful when someone else stumbles on it and happens to quite like it too.

indeed, yes, one of my talented friends has laid down some new vibes, man. actually, a few have of late, and as an aside i am getting very frustrated with you, Steven Legget, for you've not given me the green light to say the awesome new track you previewed for me is rendered and ready for release. leaving that aside, let's be all more focused on what is now available.

Jonny Granville, dear reader, has released or if you like 'dropped' a new EP on the fans. actually he's been fairly prolific in the whole releasing / dropping scene, just for one reason or another i have not gotten around to giving him as much coverage as i should.

i hereby extend an invitation to you, dear reader of this and fellow enjoyment seeker in all things quality vibes, to go right ahead and give the My Name Is Mercy EP a try. and yes, clicking on the title in green will take you to where the tunes reside, where you can listen to them and, if you are of a mind to do so, purchase them for a very reasonable fee.

what's the sound like in store for you? well, Jonny, it says here on his website section of that Sound Cloud thing, describes himself as a 'wet eyed acoustic poet' who happens to layer this with some formidable drums, synth and inspired guitar. on the EP, the inspired guitar kicks in about halfway into the title track, and there's a dazzling synth sound on These Things Go Away, sounding at once like both a homage to the 80s and something fresh and relevant.

all things electronic and synth sneak in here for Jonny has seen that T2 Trainspotting 2 film what i am waiting for the DVD of. by all accounts the soundtrack to it revisits the 90s original, and that means some lovely, lovely electropop synth stuff. that inspiration is reflected here, and is it would seem a prelude to the sound which shall come soon across a full album. one which i might have suggested i might do some cover artwork for, so let  me get MS Paint running. although, of course, once i was fortunate enough to feature on the cover of one of his releases.

well, there you go. i am certainly enjoying giving it a spin. and yes, in the interests of transparency, i can happily confirm that i bought it, and was not given it as a freebie to plug here. not, i suspect, that i am exactly the biggest place on the web to give someone a push or plug, but am always absolutely happy to do so when i hear something smart. which this EP most decidedly is.

hopefully you head off from here and click on the first link above to check out the EP. it would be most excellent indeed, to be sure, if you like it. if not, well, you gave it a shot, and dig what you dig.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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