Tuesday, March 14, 2017

for Australia


there is little, look you see, which cannot be achieved by my colleague, friend and erstwhile co-pilot, Magic. he is a man of magnificent resolve, to be sure, and his application to any task which he happens to be of a mind to undertake generally ends up accomplished with ease.

those who have, if i may so modestly put forward this notion, earned the trust and a degree of respect from Magic are known to be able to know the rich benefit of the resolved achievements which he sets out as a priority. which is how i managed to receive some most splendid of biscuits off of Magic recently.

Magic is one of those quite remarkable chaps that takes the time to learn and understand those who he values likes and then sees if he cannot in some way consolidate such preferences into one magnificent gesture. to this end, to be sure, Magic has taken my penchant for Australia and my passion for things what have had lemon rammed into them for no apparent reason and given unto me these rather delightful Australian Lemon Puff biscuits, out of Australia.

is the reverse true? good heavens yes. should you cross or in some way distress Magic, you will learn his approach in a manner that you will find most disagreeable. as an arch predator, Magic always deconstructs and evaluates all aspects of his quarry, so that his dismantling of them may be memorable and serve as a warning to all those who may consider similar trespass.

i would advise you, then, not to do so. but let us not be distracted by such unpleasantness, not when we have some magnificent Australian biscuits, off of Australia, to admire and learn of.

as you can see, and as indeed the title of this post reflects, these biscuits were made and packaged with a view to them being for Australia, and for Australia only. how is it, then, that Magic was able to procure or otherwise obtain these as a gift for me, some slight miles south of 9500 miles away from Australia? i do not ask such things, i just accept.

what is particularly interesting about the packaging here is that it reflects how many biscuits one should consume at once, if we assume that one consuming of biscuits session is accepted as a single serving. the packaging stipulates that one should eat three biscuits per serving, and three alone.

i have no doubt at all that the above is always honoured, respected and acted upon in Australia. they are quite keen on all that obeying the law business, which makes a degree of sense when you consider the predominant link in ancestry across the majority of Australians. the absolute love of and passion for the law in Australia means that the average Australian police officer has very little to do with their time beyond appear as guests on select daytime TV quiz shows.

no, as it happens, i did not obey this serving indicator. i fail to see how the fact that i once spent some years there makes me forever subject to their laws, and thus i ate four. actually, it might have been five, for they were very tasty indeed. also, it would not do to upset Magic when presented with such a gift.

and are these biscuits any good? absolute fair dinkum, i reckon. they are quite frankly superb, being as they are Australian, having lemon in them and by the fact that they are biscuits. i must arrange some brief conference or congressional time with Magic to discuss with him where exactly he obtained them from, so that i may obtain further more.

it would be fair to say that there is only so much anyone could reasonably be expected to say about Lemon Puff biscuits. i would believe that i have reached such a point.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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