Monday, March 03, 2014

the tale of two Oscars

hi there

well, one of those days thus far, really. if by one of those days you understand me as saying as a day when you simply cannot escape the name Oscar.

the most pressing and important story related to the name or word Oscar is, of course, a selfie taken at the Oscar ceremony yesterday. this picture has flooded the internet in a way one thought that only porn or reports of Jeff Goldblum (or however you spell it, that tall one out of that film with the dinosaurs and that) dying in a fall in, of all places, New Zealand could.

i am not posting the selfie here, then. oh no. instead i am posting the picture that someone took of that guy taking the ensemble selfie.

i am not sure if someone took this picture directly, really. it looks like someone took a snap of it as it was being broadcast on the tele. that's cheating a bit, really. i am not sure i can condone or celebrate someone taking a picture from a TV set and uploading it everywhere.

as for the selfie itself, well, spot the celeb. the chap taking it was that guy who was in that film about that tv show which starred that guy from the other tv show. quite good it was, some Irish fella was in it too.

Oscar awards? no comment, really. they all looked decent, i suppose, i have not watched any of the winners and very few of the nominated titles.

onwards to the world for me, then, and a brief shopping trip saw me unable to escape things related to Oscar. they don't seem to like it all that much when you randomly take pictures in shops here, but i felt obliged to take one of this. it is, i believe the officially endorsed Oscar Pistorius Alarm Clock.

well, it is, except that it is neither nor official nor endorsed, and does not have the name of any Oscar on it. and it would probably be in poor taste to suggest that such an endorsement would be given to an alarm clock one stops by shooting at it

well, poor taste but of course funny.

as for what that Oscar is getting up to with himself it seems that he is in court today. it took a while for me to spot him, actually, see if you can see him in this image i took off the TV.

it is quite useful to be able to take an image off a tv and upload it from the phone to here. let not a word be spoken against the art of taking pictures off of a television set to be uploaded to the internet and beyond, it's a convenient and class thing to do.

i caught a moment or two of the trial itself and listened with interest to two lawyers fighting away over the interpretation and translation of a statement given in Afrikaans; a moment no doubt highly enjoyed by viewers in America on CNN or whichever channel is showing it there.

right, that will do, thanks i am going to spend as much of the remainder of the day today as i can avoiding further Oscar interference. my apologies if you were trying to do that and ended up not doing that by reading this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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