Wednesday, March 05, 2014

boxes and box things

hello there

the child of the condiment phoenix has, in a somewhat metaphorical sense, crossed my path once again. they have done so this time in order to debate with me, if not just take to task your humble narrator, what does and does not constitute as being a box.

this all stems from a minor, almost trivial point in this particular blog post in which i commented on the exceptional ways of anything that is presented via the medium of a box. i had no idea such fury, such argument and such divided passion could stem from mentioning a box or boxesque product, but as always i am happy to discuss further and elaborate any matter that interest people on my blog.

we shall be discussing the specific box or boxes from that other post imminently, but as means of a guide or frame of reference here is another box i picked up yesterday.

yes, indeed you are right, that is a most impressive looking box. and it seems to, if one may permit me to borrow a phrase, does what it says on the box, as you will shortly see. assuming, of course, you are not viewing this on an iTwat or related device, for Apple frown upon you playing videos from here on such a wireless form of communication. so get the popcorn on if you like.

as for the contents of the box, it seems to be a reasonable mix of mediocre, halfway decent, good and loaded with nudies vampire films. the sort of thing which my (considerably) better half most of likes. vampire things, that is, not nudies. for the price, and the ace box, it looked like a well worth it investment. if for some reason you wanted to get it yourself, try amazon, but let me warn you that i paid closer to below the used price than they are charging for it new.

if you are looking at the picture of the box and thinking "that looks like it has a quasi-fake load of artificial blood in it, then your thinking is rather astute. i have tried, as best i can, to make a video of the made up blood moving about in the box. or in the front of the box, on the off chance that certain children of the condiment phoenix get a touch pedantic. so, if you have the popcorn ready, here you go.

hopefully that video does the job OK for you. as regular readers will be aware, i seldom play back the videos to check, if ever. hopefully it is as good as, or at least causes no greater offence, than any of the fire videos shown off of late.

angling the box to try and show off the above, for those of you who are ill prepared or otherwise not prepared to play the video, was a bit tricky, but i had a go at it, here are the results of that go.

no, we have not watched any of the discs in the set as of yet. i am pretty sure we have seen one or two of the films included over the years. this would be the case in particular with Near Dark, as it features that guy who did that film where he said "game over, man" a fair bit. well, a fair bit in one scene.

right, on to the boxes currently contested by the child of the condiment phoenix. this contest is peculiar in many ways, but mostly as they arranged for a rather spectacular box to come into my possession rather late on last year.

far be it for me to stand in the way of their wish to see more of the boxes from yesterday, and indeed further still be it from me to step in the way of the suggestion that the issue here really is to see more of the semi-nudie pictures on the boxes.

these boxes are, of course, related to the underwear, or undergarments if you wish to have your modesty preserved, that i picked up (and purchased) yesterday. selling anything in a box makes it better, and doing so with underwear/garments all the more so. perhaps.

what i really like about the above is the way that the model (or models, if there are two involved in the above) alter/s the angle of their head and subsequent glance when showing off the different style/cut of the types i bought. although the difference between trunks and boxers in the world of Lonsdale seems to be "flappy flap with button". anyway, the different pose and angle no doubt accentuates the style, image and qualities of each different type. probably. i should have got a box of them posing pouches too, see what pose he or they had in them.

i would imagine that a number of the ladies, and indeed a few select members of the gentry, at that place which i was proud to call verk will rather enjoy the images on these boxes. i have not heard from Spiros since i posted the initial images, which leads me to believe that he has taken himself off to a branch of Sports Direct to declare "yes, here i am, the type of chap you are trying to attract to this store. please direct me to the karate and wrestling section".

another look at the boxes, then.

yes, and indeed no, for you are not wrong or incorrect in what you are thinking. the size of the boxers (or trunks) in relation to the image on the box neither tally nor match if the idea is that a chap, like your humble narrator for instance, will look like the bloke/s on the boxes when they slide them on. for a start i seldom do "i'm a little tea pot" dances when i am in such a state of dress or undress, and it is rare that i angle my head to accentuate the garment in question.

i have not, in the last few hours, established if Joe Bugner wore this style of boxers and thus i am also none the wiser if he ever wore any of these specific pairs. i have however put them through the mechanisms of the washing machine, to be sure and to be safe. the general advice out there, i recall, is to wash all underwear before you put it on.

another picture, then, showing the back of the boxes and indeed the box within a box that came to complete and indeed complement the set of boxes that all this stuff came in.

wow, the flash thingie on my blackberry seems to make the purple box go a bit blue. blue in the colour sense, not that of mood or obscenity.

the child of the condiment phoenix seems eager to see this blog post, so best i hit publish now. even though, after a moment of thought, i think it is the case that i haven't really said what does and does not count as a box, instead just shown some fancy pictures. whoopsie.

a box, then, can be defined as a box-like thing into which you put things that are suitable for boxes into. i trust this has brought more clarity to the matter; clarity that i did not appreciate would be solicited.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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