Thursday, March 27, 2014

marlboro bright leaf

hello there

well, for reasons somewhat beyond my comprehension a post i did last year on marlboro premium black has been read/viewed over a thousand times in the last month or six weeks. that's pretty impressive for my humble blog, and if whoever it is that makes them wishes to hoy commission or gratitude my way (Philip Morris, isn't it?) for promotion and that, well so much the better. unlikely, that, is it not.

if for some reason quite a few of you want to read all about stuff that Marlboro sell, well then far be it from me to deny you some further musings. see it, if you like, as a thank you for reading all the other stuff that i put here. here you, we, us if you like go then into the world of a surprise discovery today, something called Marlboro Bright Leaf. although it might also be Marlboro Platinum, since it seems to have Platinum written on the side of the box.

just a disclaimer, clarification sort of thing. i assume you are hear reading this as you were mildly amused by me linking it on one of them social network things, or otherwise you googled your way here. quite class, that google thing is. anyway, presumably you then know that things like cigarettes have all sorts of health issues and warnings with them. this post is not telling you what to and what to not do with your life.

further, anyone who looks at anything that i do and thinks "that is class, i will model myself on that, i will" probably has several problems in need of resolving that are considerably more pressing than if they smoke or not. i suspect.

the increasing cost of cigarettes here, in particular in the face of limited income, has led to me exploring and investigating the cheapest possible way to obtain them before i (no doubt sooner rather than later) bow to the inevitable health, cost and socially acceptable realities. realities that are not to be spoken of just yet, but "soon". it was with some surprise, to put it mildly, that i discovered the cheapest on offer at present came from Marlboro.

yes, that warning above is indeed suggesting that if you smoke you will not be able to "do a sex" with any great ease. so please take note of that, sexually interested people. 

Marlboro Bright Leaf, as they appear to be called, cost (or at the least cost me) something like ₤5.41 for a packet of 20. that's like, wow. here, like around the world, Marlboro are usually associated with the more luxurious smoker, and thus have a higher price as a consequence. 

i am guessing, or if you like speculating, that them that make the Marlboro and that have grown tired of losing substantial market share due to higher prices and the general way in which smoking is frowned upon. that is, surely, the only reason they have introduced as low a cost as possible range. 

either that or Marlboro have for some inexplicable reason been following my plight with interest and, depressed at the thought of such a loyal customer as i have been being unable to throw yet more money at them, have decided to cut me some slack. this is, mindful of the way the world seems to work, as likely as it is unlikely, really.

"look", some executive at their office might have cried, "he is having to smoke things which are usually the preserve of salty sea dogs. let us fix this.". if some exec there read this blog saw that and then made it so with all this bright leaf business, well that's splendid, but offering me some sort of meaningful employment would have been an even better thing to do. just mentioning it, you know, for the next time.

no, as it happens, i did not merely purchase Marlboro thingies today. i also found a rather splendidly named book at a very splendid price. this purchase, as you can see, has for the most part been viewed as splendid by the splendid one who is my (considerably) better half.

i have not really done much but browse through it myself, but what i have seen of it suggests that the author really should include themselves in the list of fifty. they would appear to have taken quite a few liberties with certain events and facts in the conclusions i have spotted.

moving on then, and i am assuming you want to know if these Marlboro Bright Leaf, or Platinum as they might also be sort of called, are any good. are they like "normal" Marlboro, or are they something cheap and nasty, giving a taste and experience more usually associated with cigarettes manufactured for and aimed at the more salty sea dog type of chap?

the answer is that they are not too bad. if a salty sea dog was offered one it would probably feel a bit like the harsh, coarse ones that he normally has, but the overall experience of it might make him substantially less bitter, resentful and hopefully not inclined to engage in minor sexual proclivities with fellow sailors with a dubious level of consent present.

yeah, in that warning picture you can see there i also thought it was an image of some dude getting a tan on one of them sunbed things, but in retrospect i am pretty sure that's a picture of a chap in a morgue, probably there not out of direct choice but due to something or other to do with smoking.

as for the newspaper headline, oh dear. losses are likely to be the norm for quite some time, and i would be amazed if we recover to the glitzy world of the Premier League for another generation or so. unless we get a really class batch of younger players come through, at least. credit and thanks, of course, to Mr Gibson for having a substantially less negative approach to it than i.

no, not Mel, not that Mr Gibson. the one pictured on the front of the paper, i mean, "obvs".

back, then, to the sort of point, and oh look, they come in a rather fancy box that flips on the side rather than along the top. that's class, that is.

yeah, on the inner box, or inside flap if you like, there's some sort of fancy statement that speaks of the opulent, luxurious aspirations and ambitions of the purchaser of the cheapest packet presently on the shelves. nice touch, that.

seriously. this non-conventional box is usually reserved for "limited" ranges of cigarettes. not even them fancy premium black ones came in a box with a non-standard flip lid. well, except that sticky cover thing they had on the go.

how do the actual cigarettes perform? a mixed bag, to tell the truth. i have had, for research purposes, a couple. one was rather pleasant and fine, the other burned up in half the time. not an uncommon thing to happen with the more modest priced cigarette.

yeah, i know that last bit didn't tell you anything that was not in the reference to a salty sea dog, but i have uploaded far too many pics for the point of this post and i just couldn't bring myself to delete the excess.

if, as what i can see suggests, marlboro bright leaf are now the cheapest cigarettes on the market here, then the standard for cheap cigarettes has been raised considerably. these are decent enough, do the job, and are not, frankly, as wretched as some.

as i mentioned, up to you if you smoke in this life or not, but i feel an unusual obligation to point out to you the health warnings on the packets.

if, as was the case with the other one, over a thousand people opt to read this, well, i can only hope that the information or my opinion has been of some, even slight, use!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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