Sunday, March 30, 2014

a Mother's day

hello there

here in tropical England, and perhaps one or two other places around the world (maybe America), it is Mother's Day, it is, the day today. other than the standard comment that every day should be Mother's Day, for they are all special, it is not marked officially so on calendars as being today in certain countries. i know for certain that it is not in South Africa or New Zealand, yet also know that some cards arrived there anyway.

as for what one "does" on a Mother's Day, well, one should, could and invariably would do that which they feel is a suitable thing or variety of things to do. for us, it was time for a good, lovely stroll out and around. out indeed, as it were, as opposed to simply going for a stroll around our home.

why is it that Mother's Day is celebrated on different days around the world? no idea, really. perhaps it is something to do with stretching and spreading the income and revenue streams for the card producers of the world. that would be the cynics view, at the least. i suspect here in England it is when it is out of some sort of calendar relation to that whole Easter thing, but am not entirely certain. could be just seasonal more than it is calendar.

Father's Day is different around the world, too. i am aware that they mark that particular day in September in the land of New Zealand, although i think in most places it hits, or if you like happens, in June. i am sure i will find out all about it as and when it does occur.

probably best for you to go to that google thing, or even an almanac or other form or oracle, if you wish a more precise answer to the mysteries of the date differentials. but i am happy with my best guess thing, and would encourage you to settle for it too.

onwards with our walks, or strolls if you like, and down to see Gran & Gramps.

yep, that's Gramps engaged in conversation with James. what is it they were discussing? cricket and football, as it happens. quite a time to do so, really, since the day before today, which would be 'yesterday', saw Boro pull off a spectacular surprise win and Newcastle, the team that Gramps rather prefers, did not, in any sort of way, fashion a win. oh dear.

our stroll took us that way, of course, to see Gran and Gramps equally, but mindful of the day today also Gran more. we had some cards and gifts for her, as you may have hoped or perhaps expected. can i give the details of the gifts? not particularly, alas. i have bought an identical one of them, you see, for someone else who has thus far not received it.

i can, of course, rather show off a picture of Gran. my pleasure to do so!

both James and indeed my (considerably) better half have a healthy interest in family history, so that's one of Gran's more special photo albums that they are going through. James in particular is interested in the military service members of our family have engaged in; an interest no doubt coming as a result of work done at school and indeed from watching and reading the magnificent Horrible History things.

i can't show the gifts, but i can at the least say that Gran was thrilled with her cards and delighted with her presents. they all looked really good!

would William and Gramps not have an interest in family history and pictures? i am pretty sure they very much indeed would, in truth. not, however, when there was a class Noddy book on offer, with buttons that you pressed to make the characters talk, along with a variety of other sounds and noises. although, yes, sounds are noises.

the two of them could have kept going for hours with the noises, to be honest. however, it was drawing rather close to the time of lunch (closer than usual, what with that clock change thing happening at some point during the night) and a radio show that Gran & Gramps both enjoy.

our stroll adventure continued then, noting as we did a sign for a road closure to fix that knacked bridge and indeed calling in to see Uncle Trevor. Uncle Trevor was, alas, not feeling at all well, so it was just the briefest of visits, with word that we would see him soon.

by contrast the ice cream place of some noble repute was in the rudest and most animated of health, and they were delighted to provide us with as many ice creams as we could carry. except that James did not want one.

can i, you wonder, if not ask, show off items that were given to my (considerably) better half under the consideration of it being Mother's Day? i cannot think of any specific reason as to why not, except perhaps that i got one of those bees in one of them bonnets and thus insisted on taking pictures at a less than opportune time to do so. hence, if you will, this picture.

yes, that's right - a t-shirt celebrating the band that is, or in a very real sense was, Nirvana. because nothing says "Mother's Day" quite like an item of merchandise for a band that stopped being a going concern some twenty or so years ago.

in the case of my (considerably) better half, it is quite true that nothing else really says that in the same way, since she loves the band. i was just thrilled to find an item of this nature, as previous efforts to get items celebrating the band usually end with getting something that has obscenities written on it too. quite a filthy mouth, that Kurt fellow had when it suited him.

other things? yes. yes i did, even though i was told i did not have to.

a massive book of logic puzzles, some class notebooks in the shape and look of cassettes (and featuring a date and time when MTV was ace, not the rubbish it is now), and a keyring effigy to homage to Animal out of The Muppets. that's just to clarify what all of that is should, for some reason, you not have been able to make out what was what in the picture above.

other than to mention that she loves all of the above (yes indeed, Andrea, especially the t-shirt), that's about it for now, although the day is far from done. next up should be one of those peculiar request type of blog posts i am asked to do from time to time. should be here "soon".

hope you have all had an excellent day with the day today, no matter if it is or is not officially a Mother's Day where in the world you are!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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