Monday, March 17, 2014

Fags by Spiros part II

hello there

yes, i probably should write about things somewhat more intelligent and a good deal less unhealthy. or i should mix these posts up with other interesting things. sorry about that, but do please bear with me, an interesting post is bound to come along at some stage.

this picture here represents a sequel, of sorts, to the Fags by Spiros post i did a little bit over four years ago. it was a remarkably popular post, and a sequel is perhaps long overdue. a sequel, of course, always relies on a good idea for it to work, otherwise people just say it is "not as good as the original". i am delighted to say that this is one of them Godfather Part II, Dark Knight, Silence Of The Lambs and indeed The Empire Strikes Back type of sequels, as this second installment is even better than the first one. and before you whine, Silence was a sequel, go check.

Spiros, as always, has remarkable sympathy for whatever plight i happen to be experiencing. recently he was most distressed when he somewhat misread the thing about salty sea dog sailors. he interpreted it all as being that i was very much on the verge of being battered with some wood and bummed, in a most unsolicited way, by a sailor if i did not have either proper cigarettes or a scatter cushion. to this end, then, Spiros kindly arranged to procure and forward me some cigarettes; expressing the view that i probably knew better than he exactly what sort of scatter cushions the sailor was expecting. nice one mate, much appreciated! i shall attempt get, at some point, a scatter cushion or two just in case these are also required.

yes, you are seeing right - the above picture is not a selfie, but instead one taken by my (considerably) better half. pictures of me by someone other than me have been something of a rarity since i no longer verk in close proximity to Trigger, so this was a most welcome thing.

Spiros, meanwhile, has told me of his experiments with these curious e-cigarette things. his review is that the vanilla one is OK, but he found the chocolate one to be longer, much more satisfactory and nowhere near as salty as he had feared. as Spiros is not, as a general rule, a smoker i must say i was impressed to learn of his experiments with e-cigarettes. unless i misread his mail.

anyway, three cheers for Spiros! good work, fella, an act of kindness that has been much appreciated. and how splendid it is to have at one's disposal a postal system which facilitates the delivery of such things in good time and free of theft.

the pink box, by the way, was a nice touch.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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