Tuesday, March 25, 2014

on being Welsh

hello there

well, in truth, a challenge of a day. a day that might also be described in other, more direct and less subtle ways, really. i am quite knacked, but let me try and do a blog post for you anyway.

why am i knacked? well, mostly it is because i have been playing box tetris. but surely, you say, all tetris is box tetris, as it is box like shapes that one twists, turns and juggles to make lines. well, yes, except i was playing it for real.

we needed something out of storage, look you see. urgently, apparently. what was it? i am glad you asked. we urgently needed a plastic truck that the plastic turtles of ninja training and teenage years drive around in. also bed parts, though. but they were at the front, the truck in a box at the back.

that required a good deal of "re-imagining" how all the boxes were stacked, it did, look you see. a lot of lifting mega-sized and mega-weighted boxes, making them all into nice lines which, happily, did not disappear once they were complete. but they did let me get to the box i needed to.

after that was done, it was back home in time to read a little bit of valid criticism from someone who is proud to be white and proud to have a black girlfriend because he says he is on his blog (bravo, chap) and onwards to a little bit of scientific research.

a good friend suggested that i try this 100% Scientific Welshometer to find out just who and what i am in this world, nay, this universe, look you see.

the result of this guaranteed and accurate scientific experiment, which appears to focus rather too much on footwear for my liking, were pretty astounding.

so there we have it. as Scotland contemplates a brave new world of independence, it seems i am Welsh. nice one.

historically, ancestrally or whatever i am indeed Welsh, but i suspect that in itself does not make me 100% Welsh, not looking at my birth certificate specifics at the least.

do i mind being declared 100% Welsh in this scientific and accurate test? not really, no. i have been called considerably worse in my days, and seldom better. the Welsh may well consider it offensive that i count amongst their number, mind, but that's up to them. do please take the test yourself and see if you are with me or not, look you see.

but you want to see more box tetris, do you not. you want to learn of my plight, my suffering, my triumphs and my setbacks. probably.

anyway, look you see, look what i found as i played tetris.

yes, the speakers from my stag. big, massive speakers. the last thing to be played through them before they were packed up was most likely Rickett's Theme. hopefully i will play it again through the stag and speakers soon. not, alas, today. we just do not have space in our home to unpack the stag.

i believe, with my apologies, this blog post is messy,  cumbersome and poorly written. pretty much, then, like the 2,000+ plus posts before it i suppose. sorry, i just had to exert a lot of energy to lift some of them boxes and it has taken its toll on me.

anyhow, plastic truck and that retrieved, out of a box at the bottom of a pile at the back of all the boxes. the boys are thrilled, so well worth the groans and strains on my side.

as you would expect, it was in a clearly marked box. observe.

because everyone, surely, stores plastic trucks for plastic turtles that are ace ninjas in their bathroom, no? look, you see, we did.

i am sure there is a major news story about at the moment that features a bathroom, but the details of it escape me. please put your own bland, banal or brilliant joke reference here. if you like, look you see.

yes, i think bed and a little cry about how sore i am is in order.

if you have reason to play box tetris yourself at any point in the near or distant future, my wishes of solidarity and strength.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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