Wednesday, March 05, 2014

bizarre books

hi there

i am fairly certain that i have posted things quite similar to this in the past, but in advance of World Book Day tomorrow it seemed like a nice thing to put here.

i claim no credit at all for the images or idea; these are taken from this website right here. many, many thanks to Ms S Cat esq. for sharing the link on one of them social network things.

i encourage you to have a click on that link, but here's two books that caught my eye.

 now i do wish i could find or otherwise locate this book for my dear chum, he bereft of haircuts, Spiros.

Spiros is not too concerned or interested in most sports, bar a few occasions where he has had a bit of a scrum with some of the boys during an informal game of rugger. he also, every now and then, does a bit of what he assures me is essential, traditional Greek Turkish wrestling when he meets a chap that looks like the sort he would like to grapple with. oh yeah, he does all that karate and that too.

anyway, i suspect that this book might well encourage Spiros to take a further interest in other forms of ball games. ones that he does not usually watch or take that much interest in. actually, as it happens, Spiros was recently invited to attend a sporting event and got excited about it. he did not, alas, hear properly, and his understanding of the use of the word "Cottage" did not immediately include Fulham.

now then. this book looks sort of like it might be along the lines of those mega class Cowboy books i rather like finding and giving to my dear, beloved mother-in-law. should i find this book on my travels, however, i suspect i might well read it first, or simply keep it, instead of throwing it at my beloved, dear mother-in-law.

i was not, and i confess my ignorance freely here, aware of the fact that there was such a thing as lesbian horses. it follows, somewhat obviously perhaps, that i also had no idea that lesbian horses were so active as to warrant a big book of stories of what they do whilst being lesbian. i mean, i was aware that some dogs could be encouraged to be homosexual, as Spiros has shared with me his notes and observations as he has set about training such behaviour. why does he do that, any of it? no idea, but i am always interested to learn of what my mates are up to. even if i have no intention, as was very much the case here, of either congratulating them or joining in.

and there, as it were, you go. do click on the link and have a look at the other titles, some of them are most splendid. and do please buy and read a book in celebration of world book day!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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