Thursday, April 08, 2010

praise be to KFC

if we are honest about it, The Colonel of KFC was generous in gracing us with the greatest food in the history of all foods, namely the bucket of his fine fried chicken. it is the food of choice of The King, Elvis Presley, thus it should be the choice of everyone. There was no need for The Colonel to ever do anything ever again after the invention of the bucket, for this in itself was an accomplishment that few others have ever got anywhere near. genius, however, will not and cannot be restrained, and thus The Colonel through KFC has delivered unto us a masterpiece.

fellow mere mortals, join me and behold the majesty that is the Double Down burger.

yep, you are looking at that right. it is a burger made from fine fried chicken pieces instead of a mere bread roll! what genius!

it looks like a masterpiece, featuring as it does a whole stack of bacon, cheese and mayo in between two of the finest fried pieces of chicken you are ever likely to be lucky enough to get your hands on.

if the triumph of last year was the introduction of the KFC breakfast - and there can be no if about it - then this innovation is surely the one that sees all other lesser food producers fall by the wayside as KFC dominates in a way predicted that one brand would in the visionary film Demolition Man.

there is, alas, one down side to this new and exciting meal. due to KFC branches around the world following a halaal approach to their menu one can only purchase the Double Down in the USA. i suspect that China might have no interest in all things halaal so The King, Elvis Presley will probably get his hands on one sooner rather than later. as for the rest of us, well, i guess it's all the motivation one needs to visit America.

flying to America will mean some 18 - 24 hours without paying homage to Marlboro, but the pricing of the Double Down Meal certainly seems to be sending me a subliminal sign...

at the current exchange rate, this would then cost me R42. that's right, 42. and all you Douglas Adams fanatics will know what that means.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American readers, please have a Double Down for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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