Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(Flag For My) Far Flung Sister

hey everyone

well, first off, sorry for the delay in updates of late. William has had a bit of the sniffles and a temperature, so time has been consumed looking after him rather than indulging you with my musings. as William is considerably better, however, let us recommence my nonsense!

apologies also to Gillian, who will have no doubt noticed i have made a reference to her by somewhat altering the words, but not the structure, of a classic song title by The Stone Roses. i think the remainder of this post will, however, appease her somewhat!

with us being a mere 50 days away from a certain, well organized and problem-free event, we at verk are celebrating by beautifying our office with the flags of the 31 visitors on their way. and then some, really, as for some bizarre reason my good chum Zama has flags of non-qualifying, notably right-wing nations around his desk, but that's a story for another time. whereas for the most part the important thing was getting all the flags up in a way that looked rather good, we did get some say in which flags went where.

and thus it came to pass that i selected for my desk area the flag of the fine nation of New Zealand, or if you will Aotearoa, where some of our beloved family currently reside...

i hope you are all suitably impressed, Farnworth gang! i have had to spend a considerable part of the day explaining that it is not in fact the Australian one, and indeed give a rundown on the Southern Cross.

my desk of course does feature the flag of the nation of my birth too - hope they do well in this "certain event", but performances in the last few suggest don't get too excited! here i am, looking as ever like the consummate professional at my desk...

for some peculiar reason at verk no one seemed all that excited about having the flag of the glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea in their area, but i jumped at the chance.

i have no idea why there is a lack of support for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea amongst my chums. they are one of the few, if only, nations that own up to being pretty much a dictatorship, so you have to give them credit for their honesty. they are also the only country who would consider a more thermo-nuclear response to any decisions that they considered dubious; the only other nation who would do such a thing are not coming, alas.

as happy as i am with my flags, Michelle at verk that is known as other Michelle took a different approach, and decided - in a rare moment when i was not sat at my desk - to beautify my verking space with a celebration of her own nation.

thanks for that, Michelle who is known as other Michelle. the only way i can express my gratitude to perfection is to publish here two quotes from your fine self today. the first one would be the rather interesting "sim, naturalmente engolo", which you followed up with the rather self-explanatory and very helpful nugget of knowledge that is "ajudo estaca para cima a indústria de
desinfectante bucal
". many thanks for sharing....

many thanks once again to my official photographer, Trigger, who of course took all of these pictures on my behalf.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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