Monday, April 05, 2010

The Long Cooked Friday (and Saturday)

hey everyone

it perhaps goes without saying that i am uncertain as to how your family works, but let me give you an insight into the mechanisms of ours.

For Good Friday Colin, despite spending the majority of the Thursday flying, kindly agreed to cook us some delicious fish and chips, with real, proper British fish & chip batter that he had brought with him. probably in violation of several customs regulations, but never mind.

whilst Colin slaved away in the kitchen (although as per previous comments he seems to like it in there), Dad generously showed the visiting Harlo gang his range of sleeping spots. he had a snooze on the couch, followed by an hour or so in his bed, ending with a nice 30 minute 40 winks on a lounger thing up by the pool. the moment he woke up, of course, he demanded to be fed. the message was thus relayed to him that it would be ready in five minutes.

precisely five minutes after that statement (and he has clocks, even a sundial, all over the garden for this sort of incident), he sat himself at the table; a table that was, alas sans food.

i was then instructed to take this picture of him and show the happy tourists in the kitchen.....

which got this response from Colin.....

oh, i see. i hadn't noticed that bottle in the kitchen before; a picture forms of why the kitchen is the place to be for our visitors.

anyway, moving on, we had a terrific feast of fish, fritters, chips and ribs for Good Friday. i trust you all had a most splendid and tasty meal too. nice one Colin, Angela, Mum and, well, everyone who was involved in cooking rather than sleeping, really. oh go on then, thanks Dad for the table we ate at.

moving on to Saturday and we had the case where Dad decided to take control of when exactly we ate with more precision than those who dare to relax on holiday do. he decided a braai was in order. to this effect, he, Richard, Andrew, Colin and Christopher went off to the butcher to get some meat. a butcher who apparently is very busy indeed, as the four of them were forced to wait for two (two) hours in a pub before coming home. thank you for the sacrifice, boys.

here are but some of the fine items they bought to cook upon an open flame.

as tasty as all of that looks, you have to bear in mind that we got to eat it with full knowledge of the manner that Dad and Richard decided to cook it. well, OK, i encouraged them a bit for the next picture, but they didn't need all that much encouragement.....

well, Jamie Oliver, you have an awful lot to answer for......

i do trust that, over the weekend, when you ate you did so at a time which was accommodating and pleasant for all, and that those who cooked did, for the most part, remain clothed.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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