Monday, April 26, 2010

if you never say goodbye......

hey everyone

well, despite some extraordinary claims that this whole volcanic ash cloud which grounded flights did not and does not exist, getting on an aeroplane is not as easy as it once was. oh for the days of just having your shoes x-rayed, i guess. i tend to have a healthy level of skepticism on most things reported in the news, but not for one moment did i suspect that they grounded all flights around Europe for 6 or so days.

anyway, it means that the Harlo Invasion Holiday continues unabated at the moment. we have had two or three goes at saying goodbye to them but, alas, thus far they haven't made a move. this is no bad thing, really, as it has been excellent spending some extra time with them.

Colin has in particular enjoyed his extra time here, as it has meant that he has been able to interfere in the affairs of Mum & Dad's kitchen for a few days more. i have no idea why he isn't allowed to mess about in the kitchen at home; i assume that he is banned from doing so and thus is making the most of it whilst here such is his enthusiasm. anyway, here he is in action (and indeed in a pair of shorts that Richard took quite a shine to), keeping an eye on the window for any wandering clouds of volcanic ash which may very well not exist.

William is still a little bit young to grasp this whole hello and goodbye thing, really, but even he is getting somewhat perplexed by the Harlo travel itinerary. he seems to be rather curious about seeing them and saying goodbye every weekend....

meanwhile, Andrew and Christopher were delighted when their school sent some work for them to do whilst stranded here. whereas Christopher has diligently been doing the work sent to him (a number of times, i believe, as the "save" button is something that he disapproves of), Andrew has taken an interesting but nonetheless commendable approach to revision...

as for Angela, well, i have been told to put here that she celebrated her 28th birthday at the weekend. if i say no more of it you can draw your own conclusions, but in the mean time here's an ace picture of her with James and William!

well, as and when the Harlo gang do decide to cease their invasion and head home (or if the apparently imaginary volcanic ash vanishes, whichever happens first) we shall no doubt miss them a very great deal!! i will endeavour to report on any departure as and when it happens, assuming that we are all still using this "internet" thing by that time!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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