Friday, April 23, 2010

putting on some clothes i made my way to school.....

hey everyone

well, as excited as you all get about what sort of flags i have on my desk at verk and as thrilled as you are about my musings on 26 year old soundtrack albums, i am sure every now and then a James and William update isn't too much interference for you!

William, as i mentioned earlier, was a bit ill last week, but i am delighted to say he is now back to his usual self. James remains very much James - he had an exciting, first ever school trip out during the week to an aviary and loved every minute!

anyway, as they were getting ready to go to school / daycare / whatever name you care to give it this morning they looked very much like they would make a perfect picture. i thus grabbed the camera as quickly as i could and here's the result!

yes, i know, very much an "aaaaaaah" moment! i am glad that i thought to grab the camera!!

they are dressed warm as we are on the verge of winter here, and indeed it looks like it could be a cold and wet weekend. maybe not, it could be a wet and cold one. i don't know. wherever you are, or whenever you are since i am led to believe one or two time travellers visit here, do have a great weekend!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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