Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day Tripper

hey everyone

well, the Harlo Gang invasion continues, and indeed seems to be gaining some momentum. this weekend they were up at Sun City, no less. it was primarily to see the third best thing to come out of Wales (after Richard Burton and the Manic Street Preachers, not what my brother-in-law thinks the best Welsh thing is, thank you), Mr Sex God himself, Tom "bloody" Jones.

there are of course many other things to do up there - i am led to believe that Andrew and Christopher have only with the greatest of protest left the majesty of The Valley Of The Waves. another thing to do would be get a visit from us for the day whilst you are there!

well, James loves the place, so we thought we would "pop up" for the day. more on that later, but in the mean time, James just ran wild as soon as we got there. see if you can spot him below!

erm, yeah, Sun City is "just outside Johannesburg" if you are one of those types who drives really, really fast. we are not that way inclined, so ended up driving home late, in the dark and on some very ill-repaired roads. i mention this because a number of people will be heading that way in June & July for a certain event, and the Rustenberg stadium is rather close to Sun City. if you are one of those, like for instance those heading here from England or America, then do yourself a favour and book in at Sun City or one of the more affordable hotels near it - driving back to Johannesburg from there will be a nightmare for you.

righty-ho, tourist advice aside, this was Williams' first trip to Sun City outside of Mummy's tummy, so to speak. as far as we can tell he seemed to like it, but it's difficult to gauge. as long as there is bottle and things for him to try and eat, William pretty much likes anywhere, really. still, i was able to get one or two nice pics of him.

one or two pics is quite a good term to use for all the snaps, really - with us there for only four or so hours, we didn't have time to take many pictures and do absolutely everything that James wanted to do, so we ended up with him playing games and eating ice cream rather than worrying about pictures.

i did manage to sneak one or two of him in the pool with Colin & Angela, though!

our visit to Sun City for the day had clearly taken the maintenance team by surprise, as the pool they normally close down whenever we are there was thankfully open as you can see!

James loved going around the pool with Colin & Angela, and i think Colin managed to succeed where most of us have not thus far in showing James the basics of swimming. nice one!!

well, i doubt we will do a rushed, crammed one day visit to the place again in the near future! we might if they fixed up the roads and put some lights on them, but that's unlikely! never mind, i am sure we will be up there for a week or so in the not too distant future!

in the mean time, dear readers, i give you a last pic of William from his grand day out!

hope your weekend was as fun, if not as full of driving, as ours was!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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