Monday, April 05, 2010

Harlo Invasion Africa 2010 AD

hey everyone

well, usual obligatory apologies for the lack of updates for a week or so - busy times what with Easter, interest rate fluctuations and indeed the arrival of the Harlo gang to our fine shores!

it is a delight to have the Harlo gang here with us for a bit. the last time they were here - i think - was for Richard & Erika's wedding, when we also announced that James was "on his way", so to speak. how jolly nice of them to come over and see him now that he has arrived, along with William!

here's Colin & Angela using their most might muscle to get in on a family picture of us!

thanks to this whole internet thing, James has engaged in many a conversation with the Harlo clan. he already loved Colin, Angela, Andrew and Christopher to bits anyway, but as one would be is thrilled to have them here in person!

indeed, it seems that Andrew and Christopher are well delighted to meet the family that they had not met before too, as shown here with James and Lyla during a brief interlude in a splendid search for Easter Eggs on Sunday.

and just how is the holiday going for them thus far? well, i think it's all OK. i am not sure what it is they do at home these days, but Colin & Angela seem to have taken a right shine to being in the kitchen doing dishes as often as they can.

i can only assume that at home Andrew and Christopher do that much housework that their Mum & Dad now believe doing something like the dishes is a nice relaxing break. oddly, when they popped over to our house they seemed reluctant to do our washing for us, but never mind.

righty-ho, many, many more pictures to follow! and one or two curious tales, too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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