Monday, April 05, 2010

Bunk Beds

hey everyone

James, every now and then, has an odd or perhaps unusual request. the most recent example of this was, out of the blue, his expressed and earnest wish to have bunk beds in his bedroom.

well, as we kind of need to swipe his bed back soon to convert it back to a cot for William, this did not strike us as a bad idea. not bad at all, really - a shrewd investment, indeed, since it sorts James and William both out for beds for a bit.

behold, then, the very finest bunk beds we could find that, in their infinite generosity, those nice people at the credit card company invested in!

erm, yes, if you are commenting that you cannot see all that much of them in the picture. they are a rather large set, and do tend to dominate James' room. this makes it rather tricky to get a pic from an angle that gets all of them in, really. i mean, i could get a ladder and climb up to take a pic through the window, i suppose, only i am not going to.

whereas i hope you like what you can see of them, i can at the least assure you that James loves the whole thing!

he's not at all sure if he prefers the top bunk or the bottom one, so he's been alternating nights on them to try and find a "best fit". he has also had a hitherto unknown wish to get to bed as soon as possible on a night - and doesn't rush to get up at 5am anymore. if only i had known then i would have indulged those kind, giving types at the credit card place a year or so ago!

whilst not sleeping on them yet as such, it seems that William is rather taken with them too!

well done to Michele for coordinating them getting into the room OK!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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