Friday, March 12, 2010

how the boys are

hey everyone

well, i am trying to make it a weekly thing to update on how the two fine young boys are doing, so why should this week be of exception? yes, i suppose i could rant and rave about my recently arrived Frankie Goes To Hollywood 2CD set some more, but i think i'm still a little in awe of the treasures on it to comment properly. yes, i know, i'm a sad case......

how about, for starters, one of those rare things on camera - a William smile!

nice one Michele, well done on capturing this great picture! apparently this is his "naughty smile", and not to different from me.

please don't get the comments wrong - William smiling is far from a rarity! it's just that when the camera is out, curiosity tends to get the better of him and his expressions!

every now and then, though, we (mostly Michele) captures a great picture, like the one above and indeed the one below!

another one known for not smiling for pictures would be James. however, as you can see in the next pic, every now and then he gets wildly enthusiastic about something!

and what was he giving the thumbs up and smiles for? well, it might very well have something to do with the lovely, most excellent parcel which arrived for him and William from Great Grandma H!!

whereas we are all supposed to be all "digital" and what have you these days, i simply love receiving things in the post, and i am delighted to see that James is getting this passion too!

he was very impressed indeed with the gift inside intended for him!

and indeed William was happy enough with the lovely blanket that Great Grandma had made for him. he even tried having a go at eating it!

as for "grown up" stuff, William's just over 3 months now and is developing nicely. he had a go at rolling over on our bed the other day, and as you can see has almost got the hang of this sitting up business!

yep, the above is the "serious" face he likes to have on in pictures!

as for other developments, he seems to be very eager to start eating as soon as possible. his beloved teddy bear, Baxter, tends to feel the frustration of this desire to eat it seems.

i, assuming you have seen the films, defy you to look at this picture and not think of Hannibal......

now that i think of it, Hannibal is an ace name! well, we are getting asked when a third baby is due, and i am rather close to the end of the latest John Grisham paperback, so you never know......

well, that will do for updates today. looks like we are in for a blazing hot weekend on the weather front, i trust the weekend is, wherever you are, for you a most excellent time!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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