Sunday, March 21, 2010

the boys at the weekend

hey everyone

as per my promise to try and update every week on how William and James are getting along, erm, here's a weekly update on how William and James are getting along!

first up, here's James the morning of the concert for Grandparents at his school, also known as Saturday morning!

now, i don't recall exactly why James has covered up his mouth, but i suspect it's because he was requested to smile for the picture. he was clearly saving all his many good looks for the stage that morning!

he may have been saving his good looks for the stage, but not all of his most excellent dance moves. behold an image of James dancing away, with a glimpse of William observing him with a look of love, awe, admiration and indeed confusion!

and just what is it that James is dancing to? well, ever since he saw it, and indeed the many viewings since, James has been rather eager to replicate the dance moves conducted by a Mr Will Smith in his splendid music video for the song Men In Black. James is getting the moves down rather nicely, which is no surprise - this time last year, lest we forget, he could recite the scene where Darth Vader meets Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star verbatim.

James is taking quite a shine to this 'Men In Black' business, to the extent that frequently he walks around in his sunglasses and "blanks the memory" of Michele and i with whatever device comes to hand that looks like the "temporarl neuro" stick thing that Tommy Lee Jones has in the film. just in case you needed visual evidence of this.....

as for William, well, it's fair to say that his happy life has been made even more happy by the arrival of what we have christened "doo doo", a lovely teddy-bear blanket number from New Zealand (thanks again!). doo doo is an important name for teddy bears in our family, if you were interested. perhaps not, but i am sure you will love as we do the smile on his face when he has doo doo at hand!

wow, talk about big smiles! it is rather tricky to get doo doo from William, tricky to the extent that we have decided, outside of bath time, not to bother trying to separate the two.

and finally, another pic of William. this one was selected by Michele as she says that this is William showing off his "pixie face".

having not met or otherwise encountered one of these "pixie types" i cannot comment on the specific validity of Michele's claim, but boy are we lucky to have two wonderful, healthy and handsome sons!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!
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