Monday, March 15, 2010

Spiros and the Special Marshmallow trick

hey everyone

OK, this is one of those posts where i have to refer to Duncan as Spiros, and under no circumstances must i mention that Linda is married to him, or even knows either of us. erm, do me a favour and please pretend that you did not read this part if Linda ever asks you.

right, when Spiros and i get together we are, more often than not, tempted to celebrate our "special friendship" which has endured many a year. as luck would have it, on this occasion of our meeting Spiros had discovered that if you slightly dampen one end of a marshmallow you can, with relative ease, stick it about the attire you are presently wearing.

i think the effect is quite dazzling, really. OK, so the look we have got here might not be as legendary as the classic glam rock pose of Bowie kneeling down to (ahem) accept into his mouth the howling guitar of Mick Ronson, but we are happy with it.

as you can see, we are very comfortable indeed with our "special friends" relationship. i mean, sure, it's not always as "very" and certainly not as "special" as Spiros would hope, but we are content with it and our wives don't seem to mind. i sometimes think that they hope the two of us one day end up living in a shed as much as we do, really.

now then, on the grounds of good decency and taste, the next picture has had to be edited slightly.

it's not me in the edited parts, and i shall allow you to let your imagination run wild with details of just how many marshmallows are missing from the picture.....

if you have any class ideas as to what to do with marshmallows it would be greatly appreciated if you kept them to yourself!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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