Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mr Metro

hey there

many, many thanks to Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel for the wonderful gifts they sent back from New Zealand with Mum. i am particularly taken, however, with the ambition my sister has to turn me into some sort of fashion conscious "metro man" with the gift of a rather splendid item i am led to believe is called the "man bag".

and very ace it is too! i suspect it got purchased for me more for Che being on it than any actual notion of my life being one massive, empty void and people shunning me for not having a "man bag", but i assure and promise you that i shall use it!

nice one to Grant for rounding off the look with a splendid cap for a certain German car manufacturer!!

by the way, i am reading the in-flight magazine from the plane my Mum took, looking at the circles around the films she watched. i was impressed to see that she watched Law Abiding Citizen. very impressed indeed; i am compiling a list of other class films where people get dismembered with power tools for her enjoyment.

right, that's enough pics of me for one month (possibly year), will make sure i put the boys in the next one!!!

thanks again, New Zealand!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!
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