Sunday, March 21, 2010

visiting Ouma

hey everyone

well, two things tend to happen in March. one is occasional, which would be Michele being pregnant, and the other is a constant, which would be my dear Mother-In-Law Monica celebrating her 29th birthday. i am, in some ways, delighted to report that we went off to celebrate the latter today.

when Monica came to visit William not long after his birth he did more or less sleep through her visit, so it was wonderful that he was alert and awake whilst we went over to see her today! here he is being fascinated with Ouma!

as it's her birthday i am supposed to say only nice things about my very dear Mother-In-Law. it's tempting to leave it as simply stating she is easily the best legal mother-in-law i have ever had, but i must say she is a wonderful lady beyond that!

moving on, here's the ever proud young Uncle Dylan with William!

it is a credit to Dylan that, despite the pile of Ben 10 books and discs i gave him today, all he really wanted to to do was spend time with William and James. i have been lucky to have wonderful Uncles too, i am glad that William and James have the same from Dylan and indeed "daft" Uncle Richard.

and the boys certainly are not lacking in the Auntie and cousin department, either! here's William being held lovingly by Auntie Natasha, as cousins Skyla and Jade flank him to ensure they are in the pic!

i think Tasha intends to show off the above pic to people without saying who the baby is, and when they ask respond "oh, didn't i tell you?". should be good fun!

and finally from today, Michele surrounded by as many as could get into the picture!

we tried to get all and sundry to pose, but what's the point? the above type of pic is far more fun and honest!!

well, we've had a fantastic Sunday, i really hope that you did too, wherever you are in the world dear reader!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!
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