Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Concert For Grandparents

hey everyone

well, we are 2/3 of the way through what is proving to be a rather busy and fun long weekend here. before i fall asleep, i thought i'd better try and do something of an update, in particular for family and friends around the world, not to mention those wonderful people at Michele's place of verk!!

James' school / creche / daycare / whatever name you care to give it had a special concert on Saturday, just for Grandparents and other special relatives. that meant that we could not go, but we knew that Grandad would capture the moments on his trusty camera!

first off, here's James looking as lovable as he always does, messing around before the concert all starts!

James had to learn one line of a poem for his age groups' part of the concert. he did learn that line, as well as the whole poem. and the poem for the class above him. and the one below. any old teachers of mine, and indeed my family, must be loving this - my reputation as a "know it all" is being revisited somewhat!

Grandma and Grandad reported back that the concert was wonderful, and indeed the breakfast for them was fantastic. no pictures of the breakfast (glad to see Dad puts the camera down to eat), but here's James performing with some of his classmates. erm, see if you can spot him.....

award yourself a coconut or something else carried by swallows if you saw him!

the concert ended with one of James' favourite things, a performance of the "chicken dance", sometimes known as the "birdie dance". and before any of you write to tell me that the chicken dance and the birdie dance are two different things, kindly note that i am not particularly interested.

what is interesting, however, is that the dance was not limited to the children.....

go Grandma!!!!!

well, it certainly seems that a sensational time was had by one and all! roll on the next event, who knows perhaps us parents will be allowed entry!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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