Monday, March 22, 2010

happy birthday Neeharika!!

hey everyone

well, on this Monday afternoon of a long weekend i really should be laid on the couch having a lovely nap, to be honest. it has been a busy three days, but all the same incredibly fun! in particular on the fun front, today James & i were lucky enough to go along to his good friend Neeharika's 4th birthday party at a superb place called Horse Haven.

James and all of Neeharika's guests ran themselves ragged having a wonderful time, for there was absolutely no shortage of things for them to do!

beyond the obvious pony rides (which James wasn't doing for love nor money), a big winner for James was the amazing tarmacked track to ride around on bikes. it features a big hill to go up and down, with a "cave" underneath. James spent quite a bit of his day on this!

now, doesn't that pic above just scream of the Quadrophenia lifestyle? nice one James! or Dr Jimmy, recalling the album's protagonist!

it wasn't always the case that James rode his bike down looking so cool and smooth, though. every now and then it appeared to be a fun idea to race the bike down!

there was also a fantastic, well crafted jungle gym with a brilliant tree house sat on the top of it.

when it was time for the party to be finished there was a concerted effort from a number of the children to barricade themselves into this house to prevent being taken away!

now then, one of the best things ever that you can have at a kids party is easily a jumping castle. this party was no exception at all, and all the children had an ace time on it!

and i do mean on it - this is one of the few instances of James jumping on it as intended, for the most part he just tried to climb on to the yellow top bit for a lie down!

the one thing to get everyone inside, briefly, was the prospect of birthday cake and sweets, of course. here's the birthday girl blowing out the candles on her cake, and no prizes for guessing who has sat down as close to the cake as he can!

well, a fantastic day to round off a fantastic long weekend. something of a tiring one, though, so you will excuse me for the moment in not writing a good deal more!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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