Sunday, March 07, 2010

weekend pictures

hey everyone

well, i am trying my best to do weekly updates for this site, no matter how much time is spent charging batteries up to take the pictures! i suppose after about 8 years one can understand the rechargeable ones that came with the camera having had just about enough, really, will try and buy some new ones eventually!

as fascinating as the longevity of Japanese batteries is, let's move on, and here's a pic of William from Saturday, taken not too long after he woke up from a nice mid-morning snooze!

he has had a bit of a "weepy eye" in the last week, which used to be a tell-tale sign with James that he was feeling somewhat under the weather. oh dear. it does seem to have cleared up over the weekend, but as ever we shall be keeping an eye on him, and in particular indeed on his eye!

whilst speaking of James, it has to be said that he did make taking pictures of William something of a challenge, for he decided that i shouldn't be taking pictures of him and thus tried to block most pics with his hands.

he was, at least, prepared to stand in and pose for pictures, though!

William is just slightly over three months old as the regular readers will be aware, and his development and what have you seems to be going very well indeed. although he's got some support from me in this next picture, William is getting the hang of sitting up on his own!

speaking of developing, here's James looking less than happy about me disturbing him as he builds something or other from his ace Star Wars Hoth Battle Lego set that Auntie Maria and Uncle Sinbad got him!

oh dear me, what do we have here? William for a moment seems to have forgotten that he doesn't like smiling for the camera and let one slip as i snapped away!

whilst we are on the subject of smiles, Mummy thought it would be a rather splendid idea to get a picture of her three boys. well, the odds were somewhat stacked against getting all three of us to look at the camera and be smiling in unison, but she came sort of close with this one!

yes Mum, that is one of my "rubbish", ill-fitting and stretched t-shirts that i have on. what can i say, they are comfortable! oh yes, on that note - New Zealand, we are all eagerly awaiting the promised pictures of you wearing your new t-shirts!

oh, and a big hello! to all the chaps and ladies at Michele's place of verk, by the way. hope you are enjoying my ramblings in amongst the pictures you come and have a look at, and i am really very sorry indeed to hear of the rather odd, unproductive smoking arrangements you have in place!

righty-ho, a most pleasant weekend thus far (managed to watch That's The Way It Is, featuring The King, Elvis Presley again for a start), but i believe soon it will be time for baths, bed, the latest John Grisham paperback and lose not one moment of sleep over the certain awards ceremony happening in LA (man) in 12 or so hours.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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